There are some gifts that just don’t make sense. I’m not claiming to be picky and I really do believe it’s the thought that counts but sometimes it just seems like someone is trying to get out of working hard to get a nice gift. It’s not that a gift has to be lavishly expensive or take months to plan for but a little thought goes a long way.


Last Minute Rush

I don’t know about you but I think the whole last minute gifting just seems so stressful, especially on the purchaser. Instead of going out the night before or day of the big reveal – wouldn’t it be much more rewarding to have a plan? I’m sure a lot of women would agree with me that we’d much rather have a late gift than one that was simply thrown together due to a shortage on time. A late gift shows you have put some thought into what you’re getting us and want to make sure it’s just right. To me, that’s much sweeter than a messy gift.


The Problem with Gift Cards

Not to sound greedy, but gift cards are one of those gifts that just rub me the wrong way. They feel impersonal and like a last resort. Unless someone you care about has specifically asked for a gift card, do your best to find something for them. There’s something exciting about opening a present, guessing what’s inside and being able to create a moment with the giver. The same can be said about cash. While money is great, don’t we all crave the excitement of opening that wrapping paper? Don’t be lazy. And plus, there are always gift receipts so it doesn’t matter if we don’t like what you offer. It’s the thought that makes the moment special.


Selfish Presents

If you’re buying for yourself, admit it. There is nothing more annoying than opening up a gift and realizing it was really purchased so the gifter could use it. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with buying for the household but I think it’s important to make it known. How would it make you feel to be so excited you may be opening up that new computer you’ve been talking about for months, only to realize a new television was purchased that is going to be for everyone. It’s not that this isn’t a nice thought, but disappointment should not be on the face of the opener. Kind of ruins the mood.


Show Some Love

Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I love to see just a hint of your personality in the gifts I receive. Even something as simple as a handwritten letter or card makes my heart light up. I look forward to receiving these types of things so I can put them on the dining room table and have those I care about that much closer to me. I’m not sure if this is due to the fact I’ve moved a lot but I want to be reminded of how many great people I have in my life.

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