The Christmas season stirs an excitement in everyone’s hearts. Decorations, familial traditions, and the mere anticipation of Christmas Day helps create a sense of happiness. A portion of the excitement we feel comes from the joy of giving to others.

But let’s face it, sometimes finding that perfect gift is not easy, or shall we say, we make it too complicated. Often times we become so weighed down trying to find that rare gift, we end up stressing out and purchase a gift we are less than enthusiastic to give.

However, there is a way to avoid this disaster. Instead of stressing, why not choose something more on the traditional side? Traditional gifts are often avoided because they are said to be easy, thoughtless, uncreative, and even boring. But what would happen if this year, traditional gifts were given a makeover? What if traditional gifts with a unique twist became the most ingenious gift idea? This is not some far-reaching dream; it could be a reality. There are countless traditional gifts which could easily be transformed into cool Christmas gifts for 2015

The Watch

At some point we have all given or received a watch. This is a very traditional Christmas gift which is still rather popular. If you know someone who needs a watch this Christmas, step out of the norm and treat them to watch like no other.

The Lexon E8 watch can definitely be described as unconventional. While still categorized as a time piece, it is far from the traditional 1st and 2nd hand watch to which we are accustomed. This unique gift utilizes the innovative block method to accurately record time. White blocks strategically placed on the watch face allows for easy reading with the first set of blocks indicating the hour and the second set representing the minutes. This ingenious watch easily encompasses the concept of the traditional Christmas gift with a unique twist. It will certainly become a conversational piece the receiver will be proud to wear.

Kitchen Appliances

There is always someone on your Christmas list who wants or needs a kitchen appliance. Although there are countless options to meet the desires of any kitchen lover, sometimes the most complex gadget is not the ideal gift. It is advisable to keep it simple and purchase a utensil you know the person will love and use often. However, this is not to say the gift cannot be unique and add a special twist to simple traditional utensils.

The innovative Koziol folding chopping board fits the criteria of a unique traditional gift. This creative chopping board not only allows for easy storage, but resolves an issue most cooks encounter: transferring chopped ingredients successfully to the desired location. Its ability to fold slightly creates a sleek funnel for effortless cooking. This unique chopping board is something every cook wants to find under the tree and will be the utensil they use constantly.

The Coffee Lover

The coffee lover you buy for at Christmas should always be easy. With countless varieties of gourmet coffee and unique coffee cups, there is always something to spark their interest. The unplugged coffee maker by Koziol is no exception to this rule and is the ideal Christmas gift for coffee lovers this year. While keeping with the traditional concept, this coffee maker is designed to add a unique twist anyone will enjoy. As the name suggests, no electricity is needed. Simply place any blend of coffee in the top along with hot water and watch as the machine quickly brews a single serving. This unique coffee machine is the ideal gift for anyone who enjoys coffee and will be a gift they will not soon forget.


For the special woman in your life, jewellery is always a good idea. You can never go wrong with an elegant bracelet, necklace or earrings. This is a traditional gift which will never go out of style. Still, it never hurts to put a fresh twist to a traditional aspect.

Ostrowski’s Twist jewellery set fits this criterion perfectly. With its elegantly modern design, this jewellery is like nothing you have ever seen before. Whether you decide upon the ring, necklace, earrings, bracelet or the entire set, this jewellery makes it easy to find the perfect Christmas gift for the every woman. Designed with a clear Swarovski crystal encapsulated between flowing pieces of sterling silver, this striking piece of designer jewellery will quickly become any woman’s favorite gift.

The Purse/Wallet

These are probably two of the most common Christmas gifts.  Both purses and wallets are perfect gifts due to countless varieties from which to choose. Therefore, with all the varieties, how can this traditional gift be given an upgrade and made more unique?

The answer is quite simple: Combine it with something no person should be without. For women, the Handbag Butler Mighty Purse is ideal. Who wouldn’t love the luxury of charging their phone everywhere they go. This is made possible with this innovative purse. With a built in phone charger, women will never be stranded with a dead phone. Carefully crafted for a light, elegant look, style has not been compromised for convenience. This revolutionary purse is the perfect Christmas gift and will be something every woman would be proud to carry.

But we cannot forget the men on our list. For them, Mighty Power wallet with phone charger is easily the best wallet a man has ever carried. This stylish wallet encompasses a small built-in charger with a store-away chord. This wallet changes the concept of the ordinary wallet while still successfully functioning as storage for cards and money. Receiving this as a Christmas gift will not only satisfy every man but also enthrall the tech-savy man who is difficult to please.

Finding the coolest Christmas gifts in 2015 should not require an abundant amount of stress or frantic purchases. Slow down this year and do not worry about finding the most outlandish gift. Stay with the traditional; there is always some way to put a new twist on timeless gifts.

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