Father’s Day only comes once a year, so it’s important to make your father feel special. How do you possibly give back for all of the hard work, the love, the years spent watching over, guarding and protecting? Celebrating your dad, or the person or people in your life who have served as fatherly figures is something that can be done all year round of course, but it's never too soon to start planning Father's day gifts and make this year extra special. If you're looking for a place to start and aren't quite sure where to begin, you have come to the right place. We specialize in modern Father's Day gifts that are going to make the special man or men in your life feel the love. It's difficult not to boast about our expanding and extensive selection of presents. From our high quality watches to our numerous gift sets and decanter sets, as well as our many wine accessories, we are certain you will leave satisfied.
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  • Mywalit Magic Wallet

      Forget wizardry! This magic wallet by Mywalit is Voodoo! The black magic wallet by Mywalit is perfect for people who want a cool leather magic wallet without all the...
  • Lexon Tykho Rubber Pen

    Designed by same designer as the iconic Lexon Tykho radio, this sleek and stylish pen is a joy to hold as it is made from rubber. Available in ten vibrant...
  • Lexon Galaxy Slim Pocket Torch

      Resembling some sort of futuristic space ship, the stylish Galaxy pocket light by french designers Lexon is slim torch that fits in the pocket. It has a handy on/off...
  • Lexon Airline Mens Toiletry Wash Bag

    The Lexon Airline Toiletry wash Bag is made from material that is eco friendly as the microfiber is biodegradable and emits no toxic fumes if burnt. It is PVC free,...
  • Lexon Liquid Station Desk Organiser

    There is nothing worse than a boring work space. Staying organized doesn't have to be dull and draining. Lexon proves this with their beautifully created Lexon Liquid Station. Eugeni Quitllet...
  • Lexon Air iPad Case

    iPad protection with a touch of raw urban style! The Lexon Air iPad case is a lightweight, trendy cover for iPads and other tablets. It is made from a unique...
  • Lexon iPhone 5 pouch

    iPhone 5 protection with a touch of raw urban style! The Lexon Air iPhone 5 pouch is a lightweight, trendy cover for iphones. It is made from a unique material...
  • Hobo Travel Bag by Lexon

    This designer travel bag by from the Lexon hobo collection is made from recycled plastic bottles! The Lexon hobo collection is a combination of new material technology with a fusion...
  • Lexon Hoop Bluetooth Wireless Mobile Speaker

    Made by the French design brand Lexon, the Hoop is a great sounding portable Bluetooth speaker in the shape of a doughnut! Designed by award winning designers Simone Spalvieri &...
  • Koziol Meeting Point Utensil Stand

      The Koziol Meeting Point utensil stand is a place where all the Koziol cooking utensils meet. It includes five kitchen utensils That are made of a material that can...
  • Guzzini My Kitchen 5-piece Utensil Set

    Kitchens have a way of becoming a little messy over time. Okay, who are we kidding? They quickly become an unorganized storage space of unused items, drawers filled to the...
  • Koziol Pip Tape Dispenser

      The cheerful Pip tape dispenser by German designers Koziol is a secretive bird that keep the tape safe and sounds around inside its body. This funky tape dispenser is...
  • Lexon Flow Weather Wall Clock

      Take the concept of a traditional wall clock and add a modern twist with Lexon’s Grey Flow Analog Wall Clock. This unique wall clock redefines your everyday timepiece with...
  • Menu Single Wine Bottle Cooler

    Keep your wine at the perfect temperature with this single wine bottle cooler. This stylish black bottle cooler by the scandinavian designers Menu is stylish, practical, effective and is suited...
  • Green Pro Golf Gift Accessory

    GREEN PRO is a revolutionary, patented golf gift accessory, designed to allow golfers to retrieve their ball and repair pitchmarks whilst standing - saving their backs and the greens! The...
  • Progetti Time2play Modern White & Green Wall Clock

    The Time2Play wall clock is fun and funky. It is a simple, modern white wall clock with green hands from which characters dangle and hold on to. The little men...
  • Lexon Hobo Designer iPad Holder

    This designer eco friendly iPad holder from the Lexon hobo collection is made from recycled plastic bottles! The Lexon hobo collection is a combination of new material technology with a...
  • Lexon Peanut Fold Away Helmet Bag

    The perfect gift for any biker! The Lexon peanut helmet bag can be folded away into a pouch when the helmet is being worn which means it can be easily...
  • Ogon Aluminium Wallet

      We love these trendy aluminium wallets by the innovative French brand, Ogon Designs. This designer wallet is a great alternative to leather wallets that look tired and tatty within...
  • Ogon Large Aluminium Wallet - Silver

     The Ögon Big Stockholm large card case was designed in Sweden by a team of designers, and is based on the classic Zero Halliburton and Rimowa suitcase lines. Made of...
  • Menu Propeller Trivet

    These Elegant green table mats by Scandinavian designers Menu can be easily folded together to fit into the cutlery drawer. This Aerodynamic design can be used for plates or pots...
  • Alessi Modular Wine Rack

     Function and style can exist separately and do wonders. When the two work together as one, unspeakable greatness is created. It appears that no one knows this better than Giulio...
  • Alessi Parrot Sommelier Corkscrew

    No, it's not a model parrot, it's a practical, pocket-sized sommelier corkscrew from Italian homeware brand Alessi! It has a high quality construction from aluminum and polycarbonate and the beak...
  • Alessi Roost Modern Egg Cups

    Your daily helping of boiled eggs has never been better. Presenting the Roost Modern Egg Cup from Alessi. This one of a kind egg cup, designed by Adam Goodrum, takes the...
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