Alessi logo Progetti is a famous designer that has been operating for over three decades now, creating office and home furniture complements. They are focused on delivering perfect details, offering both form and function in the highest possible quality. Those who work with Progetti are all artists in their own rights and provide eclectic designs. The company also spends a great deal of time researching the different materials and methods of working. They offer industry experience combined with semi-artisan production to create something of true beauty and quality that also respects the environment. The designs are emotional but simple and they have been recognized as being one of the best “Made in Italy” designers. Additionally, they have been featured by the MoMA in San Francisco and New York, Rome’s AraPacis Museum and the Clock Museum in the German Black Forest to name but a few. Progetti aims to be truly international and takes part in frequent activities relating to communication. They have a strong presence at a variety of international fairs, where they are known for their innovative ideas and designs. They want to be original and create something fun, simple and functional, but of supreme beauty and true craftsmanship. Here at Gifts with Style we have a stunning Progetti UK offering available with immediate dispatch.
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  • Progetti RND Time Wall Clock

    The RND Time black clock by RND lab is one of the most unusual clocks in the Progetti collection. RND is the symbol for “random” and that is exactly what this...
  • Progetti Time2play Modern Wall Clock - Red Hands

      The Time2Play wall clock is fun and funky. It is a simple, modern white wall clock with green hands from which characters dangle and hold on to. The little...
  • Progetti TuTu Cuckoo Clock

      The TuTu cuckoo clock is a wooden clock presented in red. It consists of a bar with two hanging elements. At the bottom of one element is the cube...
  • Progetti Cucu Home Cuckoo Clock

    The Cuckoo Home clock by IlyaTitov is constructed with birch wood, which looks fantastic in any decor. It depicts a tiny country cottage that is both cute and elegant. The...
  • Progetti CuCuRuKu Black Wenge Cuckoo Clock

    The CuCuRuKu wall clock is a beautiful elegant and simple wall clock with a fantastic linear impact. Indeed, this is one clock that truly stands out from the crowd. It...
  • Progetti Burano Multicolour Cuckoo Clock

    The Progetti Burano multicolour cuckoo clock has been designed by Libera Eloisa. The wooden clock is playful, modern, and absolutely beautiful. It looks like a row of buildings, in purple,...
  • Progetti Target Wall Clock

     Add a pop factor to your home or workspace with the Target Wall Clock from Progretti. With its layered circles of interchanging colours, this clock truly encompasses the concept of...
  • Progetti Time2play Modern White & Green Wall Clock

    The Time2Play wall clock is fun and funky. It is a simple, modern white wall clock with green hands from which characters dangle and hold on to. The little men...
  • Progetti Sunset Wall Clock

    Keep up with time as never before with this masterfully crafted Sunset Wall Clock. Designed to mimic the splendor of snowcapped mountains, this 3-dimensional timepiece is a sight to behold....
  • Progetti Prospettivo Black Wall Clock

    The Progetti Prospettivo black wall clock has been designed by Paolino&Fusi. It is a wooden clock in a simple square shape, presented entirely in black. Rather than having the individual...
  • Progetti Long Time Pendulum Clock

    The Long Time clock by Alessia Gasperia is a gorgeous clock available in white. It is an ode to the passage of time, with the swing of the long pendulum...
  • Progetti London Skyline Wall Clock

    Riccardo Paolino and Matteo Fusi are two of the most popular designers with Progetti. They have created a fantastic wooden wall clock depicting the skyline of London. The clock comes...
  • Progetti Ku Ku Kina Contemporary Cuckoo Clock

    The Progetti Ku Ku Kina wall or table clock by Manuel Barbieri comes in a light wood colour. It is inspired by the symmetry of Chinese architectural composition. This contemporary...
  • Progetti Kookoo Modern Cuckoo Clock

    The Koo Koo clock by Studio Kuadra is an ultra modern cuckoo clock finished in black and orange. The wooden case of the clock is black, and it comes with...
  • Progetti Kandinsky Modern Cuckoo Clock

    Kadinsky was a very famous Russian abstract painter, who believed that colour was of direct influence to the soul, best compared to an instrument. The Kandinsky Clock by Barbero Design...
  • Progetti Crooked Light wood and Blue Cuckoo Clock

    Cuckoo clocks have been around for hundreds of years and come in all shapes and sizes. Now, it’s time to take the traditional concept of these charming clocks and add...
  • Progetti Timeline Wall Clock

    The Progetti Timeline is a wooden clock designed by Sala Alberto, presented in green. In the right hand corner are the white watch hands. Lines go from each of the...
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