Here we have a selection of stylish modern gifts for the home. Designer Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom and Dining Accessories to add a touch of vogue to any modern interior. Contemporary home accessories are the perfect idea if you are buying for young adults who have just taken that first step up the property ladder or for anyone who loves their homes to be an ambiance for contemporary design. You can either select the type of home accessory that you'd like to browse from our drop down menu above, or you can look through all of the gifts we have to offer in this section by scrolling down and browsing through all of our homeware pages. We are sure you that will find the perfect product to spice up any interior!
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  • Stripe Designer Placemat by Guzzini

      Impress the guests with these chic blue stripe designer placemats from Italian homeware brand Guzzini. constructed from flexible plastic that that is easy to wipe clean, these colourful placemats...
  • Lexon Liquid Station Desk Organiser

    There is nothing worse than a boring work space. Staying organized doesn't have to be dull and draining. Lexon proves this with their beautifully created Lexon Liquid Station. Eugeni Quitllet...
  • Eiffel Tower Figurine by Merci Gustave

      The Eiffel Tower is one of the most iconic structures in the world, built in the 1800s to commemorate the worlds fair and was left standing to dominate the...
  • Koziol Pip Pepper Mill and Salt Shaker

      You need sound designs for healthy food. With its bird and nest, this black and white ceramic spice mill handles everything we enjoy freshly ground on our plates. It...
  • Guzzini My Kitchen 5-piece Utensil Set

    Kitchens have a way of becoming a little messy over time. Okay, who are we kidding? They quickly become an unorganized storage space of unused items, drawers filled to the...
  • Koziol Suction Toothbrush Holder

      If you're like so many of us slowly making changes to our homes in order to make them feel like our own, then you know how much searching it...
  • Guzzini Frame Placemat

      If you’re looking for a colourful yet simply designed new placemat, the blue GOCCE Frame Placemat by Guzzini may be just what your family is searching for. No matter...
  • Menu Tea Light Shadow Springtime!

  • Pink Flowers Photo Frame

    Add a touch of Italian flair to your loved ones home, with this frame by Italian homeware Designers Mascagni. With a metallic pink finish this frame will make any picture...
  • CO2 Factory Reminder Sticker - Double

    The CO2 Factory Reminder Sticker is the original sticker idea designed by Hu2 Design to be a quirky, decorative and eco-friendly way to remind you not to waste energy and...
  • Bamboo x 4 Photo Frame

    This contemporary photo frame is constructed from bamboo. with one side of it painted black, it has a finish that is smooth to touch and looks stunning. This frame is...
  • Mickey House Pack Wall Sticker

      The Mickey House Sticker is the original sticker idea designed to be a quirky, decorative and eco-friendly way to bring poetry in your place. Loved by creatives, approved by...
  • Black & Blum Forminimal Salad Servers and Tongs

    Looking at how people use salad bowls and servers, we noticed that often the salad is passed around the table so people can help themselves. With standard servers, it requires...
  • Koziol Standing Bird Figure

      The worlds most valuable sculpture is "walking man I", created in 1961 by Alberto Giacometti and sold in 2010 for $104.3 million. Its iconographic cousin, Bernhard Koziol's 1929 "Standing...
  • Lexon Flow Weather Wall Clock

      Take the concept of a traditional wall clock and add a modern twist with Lexon’s Grey Flow Analog Wall Clock. This unique wall clock redefines your everyday timepiece with...
  • Koziol Pinball Black Wall Clock

    The Pinball black wall clock by German designers Koziol is a seriously cool, modern timepiece. Constructed from high quality moulded plastic, the design has a retro feel with the numbers...
  • Koziol Piano Wall Clock

      The Piano black wall clock by German designers Koziol is an ultra cool, contemporary  timepiece. Constructed from high quality moulded plastic, the outside of the clock face resembles the...
  • London Skyline Wall Sticker

    The London Skyline wall sticker is a stylish and eco-friendly way to bring a piece of this great city into your home. Our wall art stickers are made in Paris...
  • Menu Single Wine Bottle Cooler

    Keep your wine at the perfect temperature with this single wine bottle cooler. This stylish black bottle cooler by the scandinavian designers Menu is stylish, practical, effective and is suited...
  • Koziol Hommage Modular Candelabra

      The elements of this modular candelabra can be assembled and (re)arranged to your hearts delight, producing unique candelabra centerpiece sculptures in every shape and size that reach to the...
  • Progetti Time2play Modern White & Green Wall Clock

    The Time2Play wall clock is fun and funky. It is a simple, modern white wall clock with green hands from which characters dangle and hold on to. The little men...
  • Koziol Flow Soap Dispenser

      If you or someone you know is looking to make some home improvements, why not consider the minor touches? While changing the colour of your walls, updating your decorations...
  • Guzzini Contemporary Placemat 45cm x 33cm

      Impress the guests with these chic black placemats from Italian designers Guzzini. constructed from flexible weaved fabric that is easy to wipe clean, these colourful placemats are the perfect...
  • Black Photo Frame

    Add a touch of Italian flair to your loved ones home, with this frame by Italian homeware Designers Mascagni. With a smooth white finish, this contemporary photo frame makes any...
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