Here we have a selection of stylish modern gifts for the home. Designer Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom and Dining Accessories to add a touch of vogue to any modern interior. Contemporary home accessories are the perfect idea if you are buying for young adults who have just taken that first step up the property ladder or for anyone who loves their homes to be an ambiance for contemporary design. You can either select the type of home accessory that you'd like to browse from our drop down menu above, or you can look through all of the gifts we have to offer in this section by scrolling down and browsing through all of our homeware pages. We are sure you that will find the perfect product to spice up any interior!
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  • Koziol Kasimir Cheese Grater

      Winner of the German design award 2012! The Kasimir cheese grater by Koziol. This adorable fellow will sit happily on the worktop until you need some cheese grated. When...
  • Progetti RND Time Wall Clock

    The RND Time black clock by RND lab is one of the most unusual clocks in the Progetti collection. RND is the symbol for “random” and that is exactly what this...
  • Lexon Script Digital Alarm Clock

    A striking innovative piece of design from British designers Jeremy and Adrian Wright! The Lexon Script clock is the first ever digital display that has an elegant cursive font, which...
  • Pair of Silver Champagne Flutes

    Drinking champagne is almost like a form of art, or at the very least something ritualistic. It would be impossible to enjoy a good bottle of champagne drinking out of...
  • Kreafunk aOwl Bluetooth Speaker

      aOwl is a beautiful wireless speaker with lots of charisma and personality. In the eyes the green owl-shaped design, you will find cool yellow and black speakers with Bluetooth...
  • Seletti I-Wares Porcelain Mug

      Porcelain was long something only the rich were able to afford. All other people would use simple stone or even pewter for their tableware. However, it wasn’t long before...
  • Koziol Silk Clock

      The Koziol Silk wall clock is a unique, eye catching contemporary clock that is constructed from crisscrossing pieces of high quality plastic. Finished in a stylish black, it would make...
  • Stripe Designer Placemat by Guzzini

      Impress the guests with these chic blue stripe designer placemats from Italian homeware brand Guzzini. constructed from flexible plastic that that is easy to wipe clean, these colourful placemats...
  • Guzzini Grace Bowl

      Style is something that should be brought to every dining room table. After all, this is the place the family comes together to begin their day, check in part...
  • Seletti I-Wares Yellow Porcelain Teapot

    There is nothing as comforting as a cup of tea. Tea is also a very social drink, and there is something very sophisticated and nice about presenting a large pot...
  • Lexon Liquid Station Desk Organiser

    There is nothing worse than a boring work space. Staying organized doesn't have to be dull and draining. Lexon proves this with their beautifully created Lexon Liquid Station. Eugeni Quitllet...
  • Seletti Woodspot Lamp

      Not Available for USA Customers The Seletti Woodspot lamp embodies everything this brand is so famous for. It uses clean modern lines, while sticking to traditional building materials, wood...
  • Guzzini My Kitchen Knife Block

    Every family deserves a kitchen that exceeds their expectations. After all, on average it has been reported that between 2 and 3 years of a person’s life is spent in...
  • Bugatti Glamour Wall Clock

      A bold piece of Italian Design from Casa Bugatti! The chrome and white Glamour wall clock is a truly unique time-piece. The striking chrome case contrasting with the white...
  • Koziol Vacuum Release Jar Opener

    We all dream of a simple life. It’s difficult to imagine life as we know it without things such as vehicles, the internet or television. What seemed so impossible in...
  • Guzzini G-Style Modern White Electric Citrus Juicer

    Enjoy juice the way nature intended, none of this 'from concentrate' nonsense! The Guzzini electric citrus juicer is the perfect way to get your 5 a day and is finished...
  • Lexon Void Modern Wall / Mantel Clock

    Complete a stylish wall space with this Void Clock from Lexon. Its clock face carries off centre notches denoting the position of traditional numbers, and combines with simple linear hands...
  • Seletti i-Wares Porcelain Coffee Set

      The battle between coffee and tea is one that will probably never be won. Most people have a strong preference for either one or the other. One thing that...
  • Koziol Loop Soap Dish

      There is nothing quite like an organized bathroom. A cluttered space leads to a cluttered mind and with the help of brands like Koziol and their beautifully innovative designs,...
  • Seletti I-Wares Porcelain Tea Set

      Tea is the ultimate comfort drink, and it is one steeped in tradition. Everybody seems to have their own way of drinking it. Some like it strong, others prefer...
  • Lexon Tykho Booster Bluetooth Speaker

    To honour their 25th birthday, French design brand Lexon, has re-mastered its iconic Tykho radio to create a new bluetooth speaker with excellent sound quality to enable you to really...
  • Lexon Zen Trinket Box

    The Lexon Zen trinket box is perfect for keeping all sorts of little treasures safe. Made up of two boxes that seemlesly stack on top of each other, it is...
  • Black & Blum Super Seed Pendant Lampshade

    Super Seed is a simple yet elegant pendant lamp shade by Black and Blum. A larger version of the seed lamp shade, It will cover any bulky energy saving bulb...
  • Eiffel Tower Figurine by Merci Gustave

      The Eiffel Tower is one of the most iconic structures in the world, built in the 1800s to commemorate the worlds fair and was left standing to dominate the...
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