Finding the right gift for any anniversary is tricky, but there is even more pressure when it comes to a wedding anniversary. The presents we offer can be a part of your everlasting love – a mixture of the past with a splash of the future minus all of the drama of breaking the bank and not-so-stellar customer service that can often be experienced elsewhere. Below, you are going to find stunning contemporary wedding anniversary gifts that aren’t offered anywhere else. We all carry unique precious moments and it’s important to capture them and never let them go. Whether you’re shopping for a special woman or a special man in your life, we are absolutely certain you will find something exciting, fresh and stylish in our expanding collection. Your ‘honey’ is going to be amazed by your great work and mentioning we helped you doesn’t need to be a part of the plan. (It can remain our little secret!) All we want to do is be a part of your romantic journey. Gifts ranging from designer jewellery, home accessories, like-no-other kitchen utensils and remarkably beautiful house decorations are just the beginning of what you're going to find when shopping with us.
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  • Mighty Power Wallet with Phone Charger

    Finding the right gift can be tricky, but you generally can't go wrong with a new wallet. What is so unique about the Jadeco Power Wallet is that it also...
  • Wild and Wolf Credit Card Tool

    If you or someone you know is a fan of multi-use products then this credit card tool from Gentlemen's Hardware may be just what you're looking for. This lightweight and...
  • Pair of Silver Champagne Flutes

    Drinking champagne is almost like a form of art, or at the very least something ritualistic. It would be impossible to enjoy a good bottle of champagne drinking out of...
  • Menu Jewellery Tree

    The Menu jewellery tree is a beautiful sculpture that looks fascinating from every angle. This stylish piece of contemporary art also doubles as a place to store bracelets, rings, necklaces...
  • Max Benjamin Persian Rose Fragrance Diffuser

      From the Irish fragrance brand Max Benjamin, this 150ml reed diffuser will make any interior smell divine. During the Rose festival of Kashan, women in colourful traditional clothes hand...
  • Large Silver Champagne Bath

    When it comes to drinking expensive drinks, such as good wines or champagne, presentation is almost as important as the label of the bottle. Not just that, however, it is...
  • Lexon Script Watch

    A striking innovative piece of design from British designers Jeremy and Adrian Wright! The Lexon Script watch is the first ever digital display that has an elegant cursive font, which...
  • Black and Blum Loop Fruit Bowl

    Based on the Fibonacci sequence, this beautiful contemporary chrome fruit bowl is a real style statement. Loop's design is a continuously changing radius that always looks balanced and correct to...
  • Luxury Champagne Bucket

    If you have a special occasion, such as a wedding or birthday, this calls for a special drink as well. Champagne is the most sophisticated and special of all drinks,...
  • Multi-Function Hammer Tool

    There is nothing quite like finding the right multi-tool. If you're an adventurer type or someone who enjoys fixing things up, you're going to really enjoy this hammer tool. When...
  • Ogon Real Carbon Fiber Wallet

    We love these trendy wallets by the innovative French brand Ogon Designs. This designer wallet is a great alternative to leather wallets that look tired and tatty within a few...
  • Mywalit Medium Purse

      This medium zip wallet is a tried and tested all-rounder that is sure to be a hit for all! It's compact, but don't let that fool you! There is...
  • Lexon Fine Power Bank

      Having a charged phone is something we tend to take for granted when we spend much of our time inside our homes, cars and offices. Even with that many...
  • Black & Blum Loop Cruet Set

    Based on the Fibonacci sequence, this beautiful contemporary oil and vinegar cruet set  is a real style statement. Loop's design is a continuously changing radius that always looks balanced and...
  • Ogon Quilted Zipper Aluminium Purse

      The Ogon Designs quilted zipper purse is a great looking purse with a tough aluminium case that has a unique quilted finish. Ogon branding can be seen on the...
  • Black and Blum T-Loop T-Light Holder

      Based on the Fibonacci sequence and made from a single piece of chrome wire, this beautiful contemporary t-light holder makes a great gift for any home. Loop's design is...
  • Bugatti Designer Corkscrew

      The Angelic Lola Tira wine corkscrew by Bugatti. This designer corkscrew from Italian brand Bugatti is a beautifully crafted, high quality wine accessory. With the form of an angel,...
  • Lexon Fine Key Ring

      Pauline Deltour is known for her beautiful designs in everyday useful objects and she has outdone herself with the Fine key ring. Made from a zinc and steel alloy,...
  • Mighty Purse with Phone Charger

    Know someone who’s constantly on the go, a real business gal who leads a hectic and sometimes a wee bit crazy kind of life? Shopping for people who seem to...
  • Alessi Minou Handbag Hook

    The Alessi Minou handbag Hook is a great way to ensure handbags stay in pristine condition when out at a bar or restaurant. This chic little cat like accessory simply...
  • Lexon Airline Toiletry Bag

    The Lexon Airline Toiletry Bag is made from material that is eco friendly as the microfiber is biodegradable and emits no toxic fumes if burnt. It is PVC free, 30%...
  • Black and Blum Flower Loop Vase

    A minimal yet elegant flower vase constructed from a free flowing steel tube. Loop's design is a continuously changing radius that always looks balanced and correct to the human eye,...
  • Ogon Stockholm V2 Aluminium Wallet

      The Black Ogon Stockholm V2 wallet is the ultimate high quality aluminium wallet! With a more durable build quality and improved design compared to the original Ogon wallet, the V2...
  • Mywalit Double Flap Purse

    This is a double flap Purse  you’ll love! With multiple compartments it will give you plenty of organization space and the bright rainbow style colours will brighten up the day every time it’s...
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