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  • Lexon Titanium Clock Radio

    Probably the coolest clock radio of all time! This ultra modern clock radio is brought to you by French designers Lexon. The body of this high quality clock is constructed...
  • Seletti White Hanging Monkey Lamp

      The Seletti Monkey Lamp is one of the most intriguing lamps made by this inspiring Italian brand. It is, as the name suggests, shaped like a monkey and is hanging from...
  • Lexon Script Digital Wall Clock

    A striking innovative piece of design from British designers Jeremy and Adrian Wright! The Lexon Script clock is the first ever digital display that has an elegant cursive font, which...
  • City Lights Globe Light

    You may have seen globe lights before, but nothing quite like this. The 12 inch city lights globe makes all the densely populated  locations across the world sparkle right before...
  • Koziol Stackable Wine Rack

      This ingenious system is the perfect gift for wine-lovers who like to keep a large collection in the house. This modern wine rack can be used as a single...
  • Lexon Large Desk Organizer Cup

    Bring contemporary design and tranquillity in to the living room with the Lexon Zen large organizer cup. The contrast between the mat white corn based plastic and bamboo dividers is...
  • Koziol Contemporary Magazine Rack

      The Milano Black magazine rack by German designers Koziol, will tastefully store magazines and newspapers with its timeless, elegant design. This contemporary magazine rack is made from high quality...
  • Wild & Wolf 10" Globe Light

      Most of us have had a globe at some point in our life, whether it was in our own home or something we looked at during school while we...
  • Lexon Script Digital Alarm Clock

    A striking innovative piece of design from British designers Jeremy and Adrian Wright! The Lexon Script clock is the first ever digital display that has an elegant cursive font, which...
  • Max Benjamin Persian Rose Fragrance Diffuser

      From the Irish fragrance brand Max Benjamin, this 150ml reed diffuser will make any interior smell divine. During the Rose festival of Kashan, women in colourful traditional clothes hand...
  • Lexon Zen Tissue Box

    The Lexon Zen tissue box is an eye catching, eco friendly tissue dispenser. Beautifully constructed entirely from natural bamboo, this tissue box will make you wish you had the sniffles...
  • Koziol Eve Fruit Bowl

      This outstanding design from Koziol combines high quality black opaque plastic with a contemporary, sleek and natural design. The smooth contours of the Eve Fruit Bowl make it a...
  • Seletti White Standing Monkey Lamp

      The Seletti Standing Monkey Lamp is a truly innovative design. It features a realistic standing monkey, finished in a ghostly white. The monkey looks directly at you and is lighting...
  • Lexon Dreamtime Adjustable Volume Alarm Clock

      Add a touch of the modern style to any bedroom with the Dreamtime alarm clock from the French brand Lexon. This sleek alarm clock features a unique rotating dial...
  • Lexon Yari Contemporary Desk Lamp

    The Yari lamp is a beautiful desktop lamp that includes a USB port into which small devices can be plugged and charged. You can adjust both the intensity and the...
  • Kreafunk aOwl Bluetooth Speaker

      aOwl is a beautiful wireless speaker with lots of charisma and personality. In the eyes the green owl-shaped design, you will find cool yellow and black speakers with Bluetooth...
  • Wild & Wolf 746 Retro Phone

      For those of you vintage seekers out there, we may have just what you're looking for. This lovely, retro Nineteen Sixties Classic Telephone isn't just for looks but is...
  • Let's Go to New York Wall Sticker

    The let's go to New York wall sticker. Our wall art stickers are made in Paris by a multi-award winning ethical business. Contains no chlorine and plasticizers! Made from a...
  • Lexon Beside Analogue Alarm Clock

      Designed by Ludovic Roth & Alexandre Dubreuil the Beside Alarm clock is a minimalist analogue alarm clock that oozes style. The snooze button also turns on a small LED...
  • Lexon Maizy Eco Analogue Alarm Clock

    The Lexon Maizy white and green analogue alarm clock is another truly eco friendly object from French designers Lexon. Constructed from corn based plastic and powered by solar cells (backed...
  • Guzzini Grace Bowl

      Style is something that should be brought to every dining room table. After all, this is the place the family comes together to begin their day, check in part...
  • Black and Blum Flower Loop Vase

    A minimal yet elegant flower vase constructed from a free flowing steel tube. Loop's design is a continuously changing radius that always looks balanced and correct to the human eye,...
  • Seletti Woodspot Lamp

      Not Available for USA Customers The Seletti Woodspot lamp embodies everything this brand is so famous for. It uses clean modern lines, while sticking to traditional building materials, wood...
  • Koziol Silk Clock

      The Koziol Silk wall clock is a unique, eye catching contemporary clock that is constructed from crisscrossing pieces of high quality plastic. Finished in a stylish black, it would make...
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