koziol_logo3 German homeware company Koziol is a family run business that has been around since 1927. It has a brilliant reputation in Europe for its unique designs and its innovative manufacturing processes. Koziol's philosophy is about creating quirky and stylish products that fulfill a functional purpose, but also bring pleasure to the user. This pleasure is induced by a touch of humour or aesthetically pleasing contemporary style. Koziol still manufactures its products in town called Erbach, situated deep in the Odenwald forest in Germany. Koziol products have been designed by some of the top names in the world of design like Alessandro Mendini and Matteo Thun.
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  • Jewellery Tree

      The dark grey Pip jewellery tree from German designers Koziol is great for storing anything from jewellery to keys and mobile phones. The branches reach out invitingly to hold rings, necklaces, bracelets...
  • Koziol Pip Animal Clock

      This funky red clock from German designers Koziol has a clock face that is full of charm and is at home in any modern or traditional interior. The little...
  • Koziol Pip Pepper Mill and Salt Shaker

      You need sound designs for healthy food. With its bird and nest, this black and white ceramic spice mill handles everything we enjoy freshly ground on our plates. It...
  • Koziol Meeting Point Utensil Stand

      The Koziol Meeting Point utensil stand is a place where all the Koziol cooking utensils meet. It includes five kitchen utensils That are made of a material that can...
  • Koziol Party Skewers

      Check out these funky party skewers from Koziol! They will decorate the kitchen or dining table even when they're not being used. Combining functionality with fun and modern design,...
  • Koziol Suction Toothbrush Holder

      If you're like so many of us slowly making changes to our homes in order to make them feel like our own, then you know how much searching it...
  • Koziol Standing Bird Figure

      The worlds most valuable sculpture is "walking man I", created in 1961 by Alberto Giacometti and sold in 2010 for $104.3 million. Its iconographic cousin, Bernhard Koziol's 1929 "Standing...
  • Koziol Pip Tape Dispenser

      The cheerful Pip tape dispenser by German designers Koziol is a secretive bird that keep the tape safe and sounds around inside its body. This funky tape dispenser is...
  • Koziol Pinball Black Wall Clock

    The Pinball black wall clock by German designers Koziol is a seriously cool, modern timepiece. Constructed from high quality moulded plastic, the design has a retro feel with the numbers...
  • Koziol Piano Wall Clock

      The Piano black wall clock by German designers Koziol is an ultra cool, contemporary  timepiece. Constructed from high quality moulded plastic, the outside of the clock face resembles the...
  • Koziol Hommage Modular Candelabra

      The elements of this modular candelabra can be assembled and (re)arranged to your hearts delight, producing unique candelabra centerpiece sculptures in every shape and size that reach to the...
  • Koziol ei-Pott Egg Cup

      An Egg cup in the shape of an I-Pod? Yes the Koziol ei-Pott isn't as technologically advanced as the I-Pod but looks pretty similar. This funky egg pot is...
  • Koziol Flow Soap Dispenser

      If you or someone you know is looking to make some home improvements, why not consider the minor touches? While changing the colour of your walls, updating your decorations...
  • Koziol Pablo Steak Knife Set

      Cooking is a form of art and this is why so many people go out of their way to decorate their dining area, turning the space into a luxurious...
  • Quick View Koziol Miller Spice Mill Koziol Miller Spice Mill
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    Koziol Miller Spice Mill

      Are you looking for a fun and exciting way to ‘spice’ up your kitchen? (We couldn't help ourselves). Your journey to find the perfect spice grinder may have come...
  • Quick View Koziol Unplugged Coffee Maker Koziol Unplugged Coffee Maker
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    Koziol Unplugged Coffee Maker

      Simplify your morning with the Koziol Unplugged coffee machine. This award winning non electric coffee maker does away with all the complex technology and makes coffee the easy way....
  • Quick View Black Koziol Aloha Egg Cooker Black Koziol Aloha Egg Cooker
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    Black Koziol Aloha Egg Cooker

    If you have ever experienced the humiliation of dropping an egg as you’re attempting to create a meal for your loved ones or had an egg break while beginning the...
  • Quick View Koziol Kasimir Cheese Grater Koziol Kasimir Cheese Grater
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    Koziol Kasimir Cheese Grater

      Winner of the German design award 2012! The Kasimir cheese grater by Koziol. This adorable fellow will sit happily on the worktop until you need some cheese grated. When...
  • Quick View Koziol Pip Pepper Mill Koziol Pip Pepper Mill
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    Koziol Pip Pepper Mill

    This funky black and white spice mill is the perfect way to add a touch of flavour your favourite dish. Designed and built in Germany by Koziol, it is made...
  • Quick View Koziol Spices Salt n Pepper set Koziol Spices Salt n Pepper set
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    Koziol Spices Salt n Pepper set

      Spices Devil and Angel salt and pepper shaker set by Koziol. Got the bland food blues? Not to worry! This angel and devil salt n pepper set by German...
  • Quick View Clara Vase by Koziol Clara Vase by Koziol
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    Clara Vase by Koziol

      The Clara vase by German designers koziol is a curvaceous contemporary black vase that looks great on its own, or can be interlocked with other clara vases of different...
  • Quick View Koziol Silk Clock Koziol Silk Clock
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    Koziol Silk Clock

      The Koziol Silk wall clock is a unique, eye catching contemporary clock that is constructed from crisscrossing pieces of high quality plastic. Finished in a stylish black, it would make...
  • Quick View Koziol Kitchen Storage Canister Koziol Kitchen Storage Canister
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    Koziol Kitchen Storage Canister

      Hot Stuff by Koziol - Kitchen Storage Canister Accommodating in every way, this attractive storage container keeps a whole pound of ground coffee aroma-fresh. When not in use the...
  • Quick View Koziol eiBRETT Snack Board Koziol eiBRETT Snack Board
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    Koziol eiBRETT Snack Board

      A snack board in the shape of an I-Pod? Yes the Koziol eiBrett isn't as technologically advanced as the I-Pod but looks pretty similar. It has an integrated egg...
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