Gift giving is such a pleasurable experience. The joy of searching and finding that perfect gift then watching with eagerness as the receiver’s face lights up with enthusiasm and gratitude is an experience that warms your heart. No matter what treasure lies hidden within the unopened box, a gift from the heart encompasses a genuine expression of love and friendship. However, some occasions call for something with a touch of extravagance, something to take the concept of gift-giving to the next level. On such occasions, you want to surprise the receiver with a present which expresses your genuine desire to lavish them with something above and beyond anything they would have expected. Whoever is on your shopping list, a luxury gift from top designers of the modernistic style is always the perfect way to pamper and spoil. Whether you are looking for the ideal gift to celebrate a milestone birthday, a graduation or even a retirement, gifts with a luxurious flare are sure to impress. Although luxurious gifts often carry negative connotations as they are paired with an enormous price tag this does not have to be the case. Simply presenting someone with a gift which allows them to indulge in small extravagances they would never bestow upon themselves or enjoy the pleasures of owning something contemporary and stylish will surely give the air of luxury. The designers featured on our website are sure to reward you with such gift ideas and allow you to find the perfect luxury item for everyone. Indulge in the joy of watching her face light up on your wedding anniversary as your adorn her with jewellery by Sokolov, a Russian brand who fuses the beauty of modernistic class with the raw elegance of sterling silver and gold. The Swarovski crystals encapsulated within the intricate geometrical design of each piece of jewelry making this the perfect gift for expressing how much you treasure her on this special day. Help celebrate a career promotion with a wide variety of gifts from Lexon. Their line of computer bags and desk accessories are an ideal way to express your congratulations to the sophisticated executive who is quickly moving up the ladder. But luxury gifts are simply not limited to accessories and overflow to include home décor and even everyday kitchen appliances. If you are looking for that perfect gift for a house warming or wedding shower, Buggati or Alessi is the answer. With their first-rate kitchen accessories ranging from utensils to bowls, any cook will instantly be transformed to an exquisite kitchen found in a lavish resort or high-class home. Treat whoever is on your list to a gift they will never forget. With a wide variety of home and office décor, accessories, and unique finds, the world of luxury gifts is only a click away.
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  • Seletti White Hanging Monkey Lamp

      The Seletti Monkey Lamp is one of the most intriguing lamps made by this inspiring Italian brand. It is, as the name suggests, shaped like a monkey and is hanging from...
  • Lexon Script Digital Wall Clock

    A striking innovative piece of design from British designers Jeremy and Adrian Wright! The Lexon Script clock is the first ever digital display that has an elegant cursive font, which...
  • City Lights Globe Light

    You may have seen globe lights before, but nothing quite like this. The 12 inch city lights globe makes all the densely populated  locations across the world sparkle right before...
  • Progetti RND Time Wall Clock

    The RND Time black clock by RND lab is one of the most unusual clocks in the Progetti collection. RND is the symbol for “random” and that is exactly what this...
  • Lexon Script Watch

    A striking innovative piece of design from British designers Jeremy and Adrian Wright! The Lexon Script watch is the first ever digital display that has an elegant cursive font, which...
  • Ogon Real Carbon Fiber Wallet

    We love these trendy wallets by the innovative French brand Ogon Designs. This designer wallet is a great alternative to leather wallets that look tired and tatty within a few...
  • Seletti White Standing Monkey Lamp

      The Seletti Standing Monkey Lamp is a truly innovative design. It features a realistic standing monkey, finished in a ghostly white. The monkey looks directly at you and is lighting...
  • Lexon Yari Contemporary Desk Lamp

    The Yari lamp is a beautiful desktop lamp that includes a USB port into which small devices can be plugged and charged. You can adjust both the intensity and the...
  • Kreafunk aOwl Bluetooth Speaker

      aOwl is a beautiful wireless speaker with lots of charisma and personality. In the eyes the green owl-shaped design, you will find cool yellow and black speakers with Bluetooth...
  • Silver Wine Cooler with Leather Handle

    This stunning silver plated wine cooler offers a truly unusual design, starting with the hammered finishing of the silver plate bucket. The true accent, however, is in the leather handle....
  • Newgate Putney Black Station Clock

    When looking for a wall clock, there are countless options from which to choose. However, nothing can beat a classic. Presenting the iconic Putney Wall Clock from the British company,...
  • Bugatti Virgola Knife Block

      This stunning wooden designer Knife block from Italian brand Casa Bugatti is a beautifully crafted accessory for the kitchen worktop. Constructed from a curved piece of dark ash wood and plexiglass...
  • Seletti Woodspot Lamp

      Not Available for USA Customers The Seletti Woodspot lamp embodies everything this brand is so famous for. It uses clean modern lines, while sticking to traditional building materials, wood...
  • Luxury Wine Cooler

    Wine is the liquid of the gods. It is a drink used to celebrate special occasions, although some people just create a special occasion out of anything just to have an...
  • Progetti Time2play Modern Wall Clock - Red Hands

      The Time2Play wall clock is fun and funky. It is a simple, modern white wall clock with green hands from which characters dangle and hold on to. The little...
  • Seletti Burlesque Candelabra 'The Wise Chimpanzee'

      Monkeys are interesting creatures, they are so much like us, yet so different at the same time. The Seletti Burlesque Wise Chimpanzee Candelabra is therefore quite a philosophical piece....
  • Alessi Bird Kettle

    Since it was introduced to the market in 1985 the famous Alessi kettle with bird shaped whistle has become an iconic piece of contemporary product design. Designer Michael Graves took...
  • Leff Amsterdam D42 with Leather Strap Tube Watch

      Part of Leff Amsterdam’s watch collection, is the highly sophisticated D42 Black with Black Leather Strap Tube Watch. This stylish wrist watch, crafted by Piet Hein Eek, is the...
  • Lexon Tykho Booster Bluetooth Speaker

    To honour their 25th birthday, French design brand Lexon, has re-mastered its iconic Tykho radio to create a new bluetooth speaker with excellent sound quality to enable you to really...
  • Leff Amsterdam D38 with Leather Strap Tube Watch

      Among the upscale watches within the Leff Amsterdam collection, is the highly coveted D38 Black with Black Leather Strap Tube Watch. This stylish wrist watch, carefully crafted by Piet...
  • Ladies Gucci Sunglasses

    A stunning pair of Gucci sunglasses. A great gift for any style conscious woman. GG 2795/S AIW6J - Gender - Female Frame Colour - Shiny Brown Lens Colour - Brown...
  • Alessi Stainless Steel Water Tower

      Every kitchen needs storage containers; however, many of these containers are not unique enough to be used as a decorative piece. That is why the Stainless-Steel Water Tower from...
  • Cornerstone Cradle Silver & Rose Gold Double Drop Necklace

    Then thinking of silver, your mind does not often gravitate towards its versatile abilities. However, within his new Cornerstone Cradle Collection, Paul Spurgeon has chosen to showcase both the satin...
  • Rosy Seamonster Ladies Watch by Alessandro Baldieri

      The Alessandro Baldieri Rosy Seamonster Ladies Watch is a stunning designer ladies watch. This relatively new Italian brand is the epitome of fashion and this limited edition watch has...
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