guzzini Guzzini was born in 1912, when Enrico Guzzini set about re-launching an ancient craft – producing elegant ox horn items. Subsequently, around 1938, a new generation of Guzzini’s started a small revolution by manufacturing accessories for the kitchen using Plexiglas. With the introduction of moulded acrylics at the start of the 1960s, Raimondo Guzzini's contemporary intuition sought to give the company a more open approach to business by bringing in the creative concepts of some of the best minds in design, starting with Luigi Massoni. With the new process of gas-assisted injection in the 1990s, to current research on new plastic materials and their infinite potential, cleverly combining them with futuristic acrylics or more classical traditional materials, such as porcelain, glass, steel and wood. After nearly a century, the main drive behind this development still comes from a team of managers that share the same passion for innovation, as well as the same surname: Guzzini.
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  • Guzzini G-Style White Designer Toaster

      This curvaceous kitchen appliance has been designed with true Italian flair. The Guzzini toaster is constructed from a combination polished stainless steel and high quality insulated plastic, which means...
  • Set of 2 Guzzini Gocce Mugs

      Add some style to your kitchen with these trendy Gocce mugs from Guzzini. Made from porcelain and high grade plastic, these mugs combine simple design and a touch of...
  • Guzzini G-Style White Designer Kettle

      This stunning kettle from Italian designer homeware brand Guzzini is a beautiful piece of design from Hiroshi Ono. A great way to compliment any kitchen worktop, it has a...
  • Stripe Designer Placemat by Guzzini

      Impress the guests with these chic blue stripe designer placemats from Italian homeware brand Guzzini. constructed from flexible plastic that that is easy to wipe clean, these colourful placemats...
  • Guzzini Grace Bowl

      Style is something that should be brought to every dining room table. After all, this is the place the family comes together to begin their day, check in part...
  • Guzzini Two Tone Spoon Rest

      This Guzzini Latina two tone ladle rest is the perfect place for your spoon while cooking. No more messy worktops with this beautifully crafted black and white spoon rest. A great...
  • Guzzini G-Style Modern White Electric Citrus Juicer

    Enjoy juice the way nature intended, none of this 'from concentrate' nonsense! The Guzzini electric citrus juicer is the perfect way to get your 5 a day and is finished...
  • Guzzini My Kitchen Knife Block

    Every family deserves a kitchen that exceeds their expectations. After all, on average it has been reported that between 2 and 3 years of a person’s life is spent in...
  • Guzzini Colour Coded Chopping Boards

    The Guzzini My Kitchen Cooking Book may by all appearances seem to be a storage box for an arrangement of recipes and delicious meals. However, it’s much more than that...
  • Guzzini My Kitchen 5-piece Utensil Set

    Kitchens have a way of becoming a little messy over time. Okay, who are we kidding? They quickly become an unorganized storage space of unused items, drawers filled to the...
  • Guzzini Belle Epoque Red Champagne Flute

    For those of you who have been to Italy, you know just how beautiful the sunrises and sunsets are. This historical destination has architecture like nowhere else in the world....
  • Purple Guzzini Placemat

      These contemporary yet funky placemats from Italian designer homeware brand Guzzini are the perfect way to brighten up dinner time. Available in purple, black or red they are made...
  • Guzzini Oil and Salt Cruet Set

    Just when we thought the kitchen table had anything and everything we could have dreamed of, something amazing happened. Marco Acerbis designed something for the dining room that beautifully combines...
  • Guzzini Belle Epoque Red Tumbler

    Is your dinner table missing something? Are you lacking a bit of colour or maybe the style simply is too bland for your ever-changing taste? No matter what type of...
  • Guzzini Frame Placemat

      If you’re looking for a colourful yet simply designed new placemat, the blue GOCCE Frame Placemat by Guzzini may be just what your family is searching for. No matter...
  • Guzzini Contemporary Placemat

      Impress the guests with these chic black placemats from Italian designers Guzzini. constructed from flexible weaved fabric that is easy to wipe clean, these colourful placemats are the perfect...
  • Guzzini i Clock Wall Clock

      The Guzzini i-Clock red designer wall clock is a cool contemporary time piece that will make a style statement in any interior. The simply designed clock face is easy to...
  • Guzzini Murano Red Cruet Set

    This two tone Gocce cruet set by Guzzini will add flavour to your meals in style. Made from a striking combination of red and clear glass & plastic it is...
  • Guzzini Time Square Wall Clock

      The Guzzini Time Square grey designer wall clock is a clean minimal time piece that will look great in any room of the house. The design combines a square...
  • Guzzini Belle Epoque Wine Goblet

    For those of you who have been to Italy, you know just how beautiful the sunrises and sunsets are. This historical destination has architecture like nowhere else in the world....
  • Guzzini Coasters Set of Six

      These contemporary yet funky coasters from Guzzini are the perfect way to brighten up dinner time or add a touch of colour to your coffee table. Available in black,...
  • Guzzini Interlocking Dishes

      This set of Guzzini interlocking dishes with two-tone colour, are eye pleasing innovative serving dishes for the dining table. From the Guzzini Vintage range, these dishes are perfect for stylish parties and...
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