Buying gifts for college students can be rather tricky. After all, you want to give them something practical which mimics the maturity that comes with being on your own, yet still has a fun edge. While it would be simple enough to treat your college student to a gift card from their favourite store, let us help you strive for more creativity with these 5 college-oriented gifts which are sure to delight freshmen all the way to seniors.
Modern Task Lamp:
     One thing all college students can agree upon is that studying is an essential part of everyday life. For this reason, a good, well-light, study area is key. To help brighten up your student’s desk, consider giving them the Modern Desk Lamp. The sophisticated, sleek style of this task lamp is only outshined by its extreme usefulness. With its easy adjustability, this lamp works great for shining light on any project, presentation, or research paper. Available in a variety of colours, rest assured you will be able to find the perfect shade to match your scholar’s room décor.
Blank Wall Clock:
     Between classes, assignments, work and friends, college students have a lot on their plates. To help your favorite student keep up with all that is going on, forget the daily planner or everyday sticky notes and treat them to the Blank Wall Clock from Alessi. This uniquely designed clock is truly one of a kind. Utilizing a blank, dry erase board for a clock face, this clock is truly customizable as it’s a great way to jot down appointments, due dates and others notes you don’t want to forget. 40 cm in diameter, this clock is sure to hold many notes while leaving room for your college student to add fun doodles. This is one gift which is truly creative and will be an item your student’s roommates will instantly covet.
EAU Good Water Bottle:
     While there are numerous tools which college students need on a daily basis, many would not go anywhere without first grabbing their favourite bottle or canister full of refreshing water. To help your college student stay hydrated throughout the day, give them the EAU Good Water Bottle. This uniquely designed bottle from Black & Blum, marries Victorian, Retro, and Modern styles with its simplistically formed body and cork stopper. However, the visual appeal of this water bottle is not its focal point. The addition of a charcoal stick, positioned within the contours of the bottle, help to filter the water, making it even more refreshing. Also included with this bottle is the ability to set up an automatic email reminder to inform you when it’s time to change your charcoal stick. This way, your student can always enjoy crisp, clean water.
Laptop Backpack:
     Between researching information for papers, or corresponding with fellow students, those in college will tell you their laptop is one of their “dearest friends”. Because of this, give your favorite college student a gift which allows them to transfer their laptop in style. The Laptop Backpack from Lexon is the perfect accessory, with its sophisticated, modern attributes. Carefully crafted with a blend of neutral black and grey tones, this backpack works perfect with the attire of both men and women. Sporting a 15 inch padded computer sleeve accompanied by three additional pouches for cords, notebooks and other accessories, this computer bag allows any college student to carry all their study materials in one classy bag.
Unplugged Coffee Maker:
     Pulling all-nighters is a common occurrence when preparing for finals or adding the finishing touches to a thesis. When sleep deprivation begins to weigh heavy, most students will turn to the infamous coffee to accompany them through the wee hours. To help your college student through those long nights, consider giving them the Koziols Unplugged Coffee Maker. While you may be hesitant to give such a traditional gift, a closer look will reveal the uniqueness of this coffee maker. Completely doing away with the need for complex technology and bothersome chords, this coffee maker is all about simplicity. Merely place a fresh filter in the top of the maker, add your favorite roasted blend, then drench with hot water and soon the room will be filled with the tantalizing aroma of coffee. The perfect desk or side table accessory, this coffee maker allows your student to have access to their favorite study companion easier than ever before.
    College life can be exciting; however, it is also riddled with many challenging episodes which are used to expand our knowledge and assist us in growing into mature adults. Therefore, when giving a gift to that special college student in your life, consider giving them something fun, yet practical, that will make their lives a little simpler.

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