One of our best sellers the City Lights globe is up for grabs in our Autumn giveaway! Enter below :-D

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  • My 13yr old daughter wants to travel when she is older so this would be perfect for her x

  • It would be a unique gift for my husband

  • I’d love this gorgeous globe, it’s stylish, very unusual & of course educational too, It would win lots of compliments in my home

  • My daughter is in year 1 and currently learning countries, this would be amazing as she knows most of the countries now.

  • I love maps and globes! I’m currently redecorating our living room and this would look class on top of my new sideboard!

  • I love this! It is so beautiful this would make a great gift for my mum!

  • My son would absolutely love this. He loves studying maps and would be so excited to have his very own globe.

  • I have a very bright autistic daughter, who is absolutely fascinated with the world and geography. This would be ideal to hold her interest and help her explore the world

  • I’d love this for my nephew as it would make a beautiful Christmas present for him.

  • What a fabulous gift this would make for my Daughter who is off on an exciting adventure next month travelling around Europe
    Thank you so much for the opportunity x

  • I love travelling and this is a great way to teach kids geography

  • I would love to win this globe for my son, to visually see the world in style and increase his knowledge. Thanks for the chance xxx

  • It’s incredible – truly magical! I would love to win!

  • I have wanted a globe for a long time as I love looking for different countries and I love the way a globe looks.

  • I would love to win this for my son ?

  • I want this globe to give to my nephew and niece, so that they can see all the wonderful places in the world that they can visit.

  • to give to my son who is obsessed with space and the planets

  • My husband is obsessed with maps and globes and he would absolutely love this.

  • My niece would love this learning all different countries xx

  • I have a nephew who I know would just go wild for this

  • My son is doing geography gcse and im useless at it so he could show me places on the globe that he’s learning

  • Amazing

  • Only on a globe can you see the true extent of our world and where places are in relation to each other. The world is changing all the time and an up to date globe would be a much loved and used item in our home.

  • I rent out my spare room on airbnb to help pay my mortgage. Some of those guests cant speak English very well, but know where they come from, and could point it out, so this would be a great ice breaker and allow us all to dream big!

  • How amazing is this,never seen anything like this before

  • I want this globe because my son is obsessed with learning about new countries, I know he would take great care of this globe

  • Because it’s lovely and make a great Christmas present

  • Yes please! Count me in, such an amazing giveaway!

  • It looks good to plan all my long cruise holidays

  • I’d love this for my grandson. now in his 2nd year at Secondary school. Geography is one of his favourite subjects so I think he will really enjoy this globe. :)

  • this would look amazing on my bookshelf

  • I want this globe because I’ve been explaining to my oldest child about earth and all the different countries that are on planet earth. I think this would help him to understand so I’m keeping my fingers crossed – thank you for the chance to win

  • Thank you looks very educational for my son to see :)

  • I would love this for myself so I could daydream about all the places I might visit when my children are grown up and I have the time and money…

  • I’d love something as sophisticated ad simple as the as a centrepiece in my room.

  • How lovely!

  • would love this globe in my lounge!

  • Wow this globe is so beautiful! I would love it for my sons room. Fingers crossed! Great giveaway

  • Amazing globe

  • This would be fabulous for my world traveller Dad, he’s been so many places and owns maps and atlases that he loves to look at but He doesn’t have a globe, he’d love this one.

  • Now the kids have grown up me and my husband would love to travel more. Would help us choose where to go and maybe do the thing where you spin it and stop it with your finger and decide to go there!!!

  • I used to have a blue globe as a child and I’ve always had a thing for maps of the world, it probably was because of my love for travelling which I inherited from my globe-trotting (or cruising to be more precise) nan

  • I’ve always wanted one and it would look beautiful in our living room.

  • moving to a new home soon and this would light up our new home

  • This would make my son really happy if i won this. He would get it as a gift at christmas. I know it would take pride of place in his room. Xx

  • This would be a great present for my youngest son who is 18 next week. The world in his hands – the future for the years ahead no matter what he decides to do in terms of the years ahead.

  • This would be a great present for my youngest son who is 18 next week. The world in his hands – the future for the years ahead no matter what he decides to do in terms years ahead.

  • Would love to put this in my daughter’s bedroom so she learn about our wonderful planet.

  • Love this prize always wanted a globe

  • would just love to have this in my house x

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