Reviews of the Best Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machines

Looking to buy someone a housewarming gift? Well, look no further!

When it comes to selecting the perfect gift for your friends who just moved to a new home, appliances are a go-to for everyone. And why not? In addition to making life much easier, today’s stylish and techie collection of home appliances adds a tasteful, elegant look to any interior. One such machine sits on your kitchen counter: the Bean to cup coffee machine.

Now that you’ve decided to get your friends a coffee-maker, another problem begins. From such a wide range of coffee-making products available in the market these days, it is near impossible to decide which one to buy.

Don’t you worry, we have your back!

Here are our reviews of easy-to-use coffee machines that are sure to add a touch of style & delicious tasting coffee to any home. 

1. Miele CM6150 Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine


  • Fully automated
  • Stainless steel grinding mill
  • Dynamic Aromatic System brew chamber
  • Customized user Profiles
  • Ideal milk-froth
  • Can make up to 25000 cups
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Black Exterior

Miele bean to cup coffee machineThis Miele product provides individual user profiles so you can get the cup of coffee you prefer. The heavenly aroma of coffee is as much an important part of enjoying your morning coffee as its taste is. The stainless steel conical grinding mill preserves the aroma by grinding each bean evenly.

Don’t like your coffee too bitter? No problem. The dynamic Aromatic System brew chamber mixes the coffee and water thoroughly by expanding during the brewing process, which takes the edge off that bitter taste. The durability of Miele machine allows you to enjoy your morning cup of coffee without having to worry about its maintenance for years.

The auto-rinsing technology takes one more manual work to do off your shoulders. This intelligent device makes sure it is ready to go when you need your next caffeine fix. Although this product does not include the milk container which you’re going to have to buy additionally. But that’s okay, your friends can buy that if they feel they want it, right?

Miele Bean-to-Cup Machine makes your favourite beverage coffee-shop worthy. Moreover, its sleek and stylish look adds a modern touch to your kitchen.



2. De'Longhi Eletta Bean to Cup Coffee Machine


  • Variety of coffee choices
  • 2 Litres capacity
  • Automatic milk menu
  • 13 Adjustable settings
  • LatteCrema system
  • Auto-Cleaning
  • Black Exterior


Delonghi bean to cup coffee machineThis product has a wide variety of coffee choices. Speaking of which, it also has an automatic milk menu that delivers you your favourite lattes and cappuccinos at the click of a button. It comes with a removable milk carafe, which can be stored in the refrigerator. Just run a clean on the carafe when it’s come fresh out of fridge to help pre-warm it.

With its 13 adjustable settings, you can have your coffee tailor made, suited to your preferences. Taking it a step further, you can save those settings for future which saves you the trouble of adjusting all the settings every time you want a cup of coffee. Stainless steel grinder and automatic milk menu, together with the LatteCrema Technology allows you to achieve the perfect, creamy milk foam.

If you like being in control of how your coffee is made, this Eletta machine gives you just that. The grinder allows you to adjust how fine the coffee grounds will be and a removable 2 litre water filter is optional too. You can also adjust the froth using the milk-frother adjustments, where on the highest setting you get a sturdy milk froth, the hallmark of a good cappuccino.

Cleaning and maintenance of De’Longhi Eletta is fairly easy with the self-clean options: Descaling, cleaning and rinsing. The tray, container and the milk carafe (excluding the top part) and the milk feeding tube are dishwasher safe.

The coffee grinders are never going to be silent, but the end will surely justify the means!



3. Krups Automatic Coffee Machine


  • Plastic Body
  • Cappuccino Plus Nozzle
  • 8 Litre Capacity
  • 15 Bar Pressure
  • Auto-rinsing and cleaning programs
  • Black Exterior

Krups Automatic Coffee Machine You might want to buy a gift that is not too expensive for your wallet to handle. If that is the case, you can opt for this Krups Bean-to-cup Machine which delivers its money value. Instead of a metal body, it has a plastic exterior which, in addition to decreasing the ka-ching, makes it lighter to carry around. The Cappuccino Plus nozzle allows a more luxurious, frothy coffee that tastes divine.

It has all the coffee specialities already programmed right in, so you get your favourite milk drinks at the touch of a button. The maximum height of cup it allows is four and a quarter inches, or 106mm. Also, cleaning is pretty easy with the auto-cleaning option.

You’re probably going to have to request a new set of instruction for this product because the manual it comes with is not a great help. You can do this by email and Krups will promptly reply you with a more detailed version of instructions.

Keep the nozzle clean and unclogged to continue enjoying perfectly flavored, lusciously creamy and frothy coffees every day!


4.De'Longhi Magnifica, Automatic Bean to Cup Coffee Machine


  • Programmable
  • Removable Tank
  • Thermoblock
  • Auto Shutoff
  • 8 Litres Capacity
  • Silver Exterior

Delonghi magnicica bean to cup coffee machineWhether you like a strong espresso or a frothy cappuccino, De’Longhi Magnifica will make you your favourite barista-quality drink, at the touch of a button. This stylish and sleek design can brew two espresso cups at the same time so your partner doesn’t have to wait. Magnifica allows you to choose the strength and intensity of your coffee, with 7 adjustable sizes option on the coffee grinder.

With the manual cappuccinatore and milk frother, you can heat up the milk for a latte or make frothy cappuccino according to your preferences. The Thermoblock enables the machine to serve you quickly, which is a life-saver in case you’re getting late in the morning. On the contrary, the cup-warmer keeps your beverage warm if you want to finish up your work before enjoying the relaxing hot mug of cappuccino.

The body and most of the accessories are plastic, which makes it lighter and easy to carry around. There is a metal plate on one side at the top, the plastic is very stiff and rigid, and certainly not cheap looking. It is silver over the front and turns darker, almost black, towards the sides.

We suggest you read the instruction manual thoroughly before you start using the machine to make sure you receive the best possible service out of it.


5.Scott UK Fully Automatic Coffee Machine


  • Fully automatic
  • 19 Bar Pressure
  • Compact design: 180 mm wide
  • 1 Litres Capacity
  • Auto Shutoff
  • Touch Interface
  • Thermoblock
  • Silver

Scott UK Bean to Cup coffee machineThis high-tech, super slim machine offers a variety of features. The LED panel with touch keys at the top offer a futuristic design and a length of brewing functions. The memory function enables it to remember your favourite cup of coffee so you don’t have to bother telling it what you like again and again, much like your regular coffee shop barista.

A single touch brews espresso and lungo from fresh beans. The height adjustable coffee spout lets you enjoy the beverage in your favourite mug and also lets you decide how much of it you want filled. Stainless steel grinder allows you to choose between 5 adjustable grinding options.

This compact design, with high-tech futuristic look and a variety of different functions comes with a not so expensive price when compared with other products of this calibre. It is easy to clean with descaling and auto-rinsing programs, comes with a Thermoblock instant heating system and brews intense, high pressure coffee at 18 bars.

If you want a great, compact, modern and sleek coffee maker, this one’s for you!


6. Morphy Richards 162100 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine


  • Budget-friendly
  • Integrated bean grinder
  • Compact 2-cup capacity
  • Keep warm function
  • Timer function with LCD display
  • Black/Brushed

We’ve been over some pretty good choices for coffee machines but let’s face it: they’re going to make you dig deeper into your wallet. What if you don’t want to spend so much on a gift?

Morphy Richards Bean to Cup Coffee MachineMorphy Richards 162100 Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine is a wallet-friendly choice in that case. You get the gist of a good Bean-to-Cup coffee maker, albeit on a budget. It has a compact two-cup capacity so you only make the coffee you need and waste less, and a timer function which allows you wake up to a refreshing cup of delicious coffee.

Beans or pre-ground coffee, you can use whichever you prefer by swapping between them using the selector switch. However, if you prefer a more intense, aromatic coffee, we suggest you use freshly roasted coffee beans. The machine automatically grinds the coffee beans to brew you the fresh, rich and hot cup of coffee.

It is also pretty easy and straightforward to clean: just put it under some running water to rinse it out. It is one budget-friendly, stylish, and versatile coffee machine!


Why should you buy freshly roasted coffee beans?

The right coffee machine can bring a plethora of coffee-making options at your fingertips. However, choosing the right coffee beans is just as important as the right coffee machine. If you want the sort of coffee your favorite café makes, but you just can’t get it right no matter how hard you try, chances are it’s because your coffee beans are stale. It is recommended to buy coffee beans that will be delivered to you the day after they are roasted.

Coffee loses its fresh flavor quickly when exposed to heat and light. Even when stored in a dark place, away from sunlight and moisture, it is not recommended to store it for longer than 30 days since it will lose its freshness and ultimately, its taste.

In fact, you should get the amount of coffee beans that you can use in a two-week timespan. Storing beans for longer than that will make them stale. In addition to this, add the quantity of coffee beans in the machine that will be consumed at the moment and store the rest in the bag they came in.

Why Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machines?

If you don’t know what a bean-to-cup machine is, it is exactly what the name suggests: Put in coffee beans and you get ready-made coffee! It has a built in grinding mill that grinds the coffee beans right then and there, hot water is added and voila! Your cup of coffee is ready. Most of these machines also come with a milk frother, adjustable grinding and quantity to be prepared options.

But why should you choose Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machines as opposed to Ground-Coffee ones? Here’s why: Oils that store the full flavor and rich aroma of coffee get dry if stored for long. Ground coffee loses that taste much faster. Bean to cup is an ideal type amongst a variety of coffee-makers, owing its success to the ability to lock the fresh, pungent and luxurious taste and aroma of coffee inside your morning cup by grinding the beans at the time of brewing.

If you prefer fresh, intense and aromatic coffee, bean-to-cup is the best option.

In the end, it all comes down to preferences. You might like a different type of coffee than the person you’re choosing the gift for. It’s better to just ask them. But, if you want to keep it a surprise, make sure you have a backup plan (e.g. check the return and exchange policy on the product you’re about to buy) in case they don’t like your gift.

Thank you for reading, we hope that you have enjoyed our reviews.

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