One of our best sellers the City Lights globe is up for grabs in our Autumn giveaway! Enter below :-D

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  • I love to win for my little nephew, hes interested in the world and how it workd, the countrys of the world and where on the planet is the UK. He would just love this

  • I’ve aways been fascinated by these night lights maps. Hopefully you can still see all the information you can see on a daylight globe as well?

  • I would love to win this wonderful globe because it would make a fantastic addition to my home and I could show my grandchildren where in the world we are!

  • I’d love it to go on my desk and also to help teach my nieces the different countries ?

  • I would love this for my grandson for Christmas .

  • I would love to win this for my Daughters 1st wedding Anniversary as she loves travelling & been to Zimbabwe working with lions

  • I would love to win this for my Daughters 1st wedding Anniversary as she loves travelling & been to Zimbabwe working with lions

  • great prize thank you

  • I’d love to have this globe because it’s stunning and because when I was little I had one and spent hours looking at where all the counties are and imagining what it would be like to visit, my boy has just turned y and I’d love to share that part of my childhood with him x

  • We travel a lot teaching ukulele on cruise ships. I’d love this for our grandchildren so that they can see where we’re going and follow our journeys

  • It’s so pretty and makes a great talking point!

  • I would love to have/win this beautiful prize for my grandsons.. they are at this age when they they are very curious about the whereabouts of countries in the world/places. It will make a fantastic and educational gift to have. Thank you.

  • Would love to win it for my daughter

  • Perfect for my grandson

  • My oldest g’son is getting “into” geography in a big way, this would be a great gift for him.

  • Its beautiful and would be so educational for our son

  • This is simply stunning. I need a new centre piece for my lounge and this would be just perfect.

  • Brilliant way to get my Grandchildren talking about the Countries they’ve visited.
    Learning about the world in a relaxed no homework way

  • My teenage son loves his geography, he’d be well chuffed to own this :-)

  • This would be an amazing talking point.

  • Its lovely and my children would love it too

  • This would be perfect for my daughter and her daddy. He is often posted abroad for work and they both love travelling and learning about new countries. Her daddy travelled the world in his twenties and has instilled the same travel bug in our 6 year old! Sadly we brought her a globe but it broke and we haven’t got round to replacing it. This would be perfect for her to keep in her bedroom and dream of places to visit and she always loves looking for the country her daddy is at the time.

  • My old one ‘disappeared’ from my classroom one day. I would like another but this would definitely stay at home.

  • Stylish, simply and elegant, who would not want this globe in their home

  • Had a fun one as a kid, would be nice to go modern

  • Mmm nice prizes

  • I know my husband would love it! Thanks for the chance :)

  • Always wanted a globe as a kid and never got one.

  • I would love to win this as it is gorgeous and would look lovely as pride of place in my living room!

  • I’ve always wanted a globe and this one is super stylish.

  • I would love this globe for my grandson as he loves looking at my map of the world and seeing where places are.

  • ive always been interested in geography and my 9 year old daughters love looking at maps so this would be fabulous

  • i would love this for my daughter x she would love it

  • id love it for the computer room to look at all the different countries around the world as im not so good with that stuff

  • I wnat to do lots more travelling with the kids and this would be great way to show then where we could go

  • My best friends daughter, who is 9, loves her globe, but it is falling to pieces and can’t be fixed, so I would give it to her if I win!

  • I would love this for my daughter to learn about different countries

  • I’d love this globe to update my Home Office Space x

  • My son and I love to look up where countries are in relation to us, and it’s good for his education! Plus, this is absolutely amazing!

  • My lb loves finding out all the different countries and which countries animals come from

  • I would love this globe as my passion is travelling and this would be perfect for me!

  • Great globe, loving this for the house, my little boy is 8, Im from Australia, husband is from Scotland, we live in London, I love telling him about countries we have visited and he has visited as a baby, but would love to show him on an actual globe, rather than a map book.

  • apart from being an enthusiastic traveller who would find this interesting, it`s a piece of art in it`s own right!

  • Would be a great a acquisition and talking point

  • I had a globe like this when I was a child and can remember how facinated I was so would love this to allow my children the same treat

  • I love this! I’d be exploring for hours with my son!

  • It would be great for my son to see all the countries.

  • My daughter would love this x

  • What a lovely gift this would be, super unique and interesting.

  • This is great for teaching the kids about the globe

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