As we say goodbye to another year and embrace the year which lies ahead, we often reflect on our past choices and examine what we could have done better. Thus the New Year Resolution is born. More often than not, our vows to do better in the next year are based upon things which were previously unsuccessful. Countless resolutions are made every year and although some are unique to the individual, others are wide spread desires for the New Year.

An example of a common resolution is to become more organized. Organization results in less stress and more productivity.  We all desire to be more efficient in everyday life, to complete tasks in a timely manner, and maintain a constructive schedule. But often the task of organization is overwhelming. The question, “where do I even start?” looms over us. It seems like such a daunting task which covers so much area that taking that first step is rather scary.

However it is simpler than most people realize. Determination and making a vow to stick with it is a huge starting point. After that it is important to analyze what areas of your life need the most organization. Write down those areas and then brainstorm ways you can improve organization. Giving yourself a visual road map makes your goals more tangible.

Usually a good starting point after this is to organize the material needed to get the job done. Below are three examples of things which can help start you on the road to organization along with a few helpful tips.

  • Organizing your Office
    Whether you work from home or have an office, knowing where to find everything is vital for effective work flow. Although you may tell yourself the piles of papers and notes and scattered pens and clips makes everything easily accessible, in the heat of the moment, it is hard to find that misplaced document or a pen which actually works. A pile of paper also creates clutter which hinders the creative flow and diminishes your work space.
    In order to become more organized and productive, you must have a place for everything. Purge your office of anything unnecessary and designate areas in your office where specific work will be done and certain items will be kept. Replace those loose piles of paper with folder trays and mark what should go in each tray. Keeping your records in the correct tray will allow for easy accessibility. Additionally, invest in a desk organizer such as the Lexon Minitotem Desk Organizer. This innovative organizer will not only add a touch of style to your office, but will make organization a snap. Created with a pen pot, a tray for paper clips etc., a clock, a tape dispenser, and a 4-port USB hub, this organizer can be taken apart and arranged separately or put together into one clean stack. Available in blue, red, white, green, black and grey this modern organizer will be the perfect addition to any office and will allow you to find all your necessary supplies effortlessly.
  • Organizing your Entryway
    Let’s face it, the time our homes can become the most cluttered occurs when we walk in the door with an arm load of stuff from the day. Everything from the mail to keys to backpacks and purses are carried in and tossed aside until the next time they are needed. This results in an unsightly entry way and creates stress when you are running late and trying to find the items you mindlessly sat down the day before.
    To resolve this problem, simply make a pact with yourself to take time to put all your items in their designated place as soon as you walk in door. Although this may seem like a chore in the moment, it is super beneficial later. Just like the office, putting all your items in a designated place keeps your home clean and allows you to know where everything is at all times. Invest in items such as hooks for purses and backpacks, a special box for unopened mail, and most importantly, a designated place for your keys.
    A perfect example of this is the J-me Shape Key Holders. These uniquely designed holders are easily mounted to the wall and allow for easy accessibility to your keys. Each holder is carefully designed in patterns such as triangular and circular with a special shaped key chain which easily fits into its matching hole. This gives each key its own holder and eliminates the difficulty of finding the right key. Available in both black and multicolor, this unique key holder will allow your keys to always have a home and makes frantic mornings a little less hectic.
  • Organizing your Notes
    Whether you are in school or attend business meetings on a regular basis, organization is vital for productivity. Carelessly jotting down notes and tossing handouts and business cards in random folders will result in a frantic search for all the information later. When planning for a class or meeting, have a designated carrier for all the notes, pens, and other essentials you will need. Make sure to place all your information in this one folder and color code your notes and papers with highlighters and colored tabs for easy retrieval of information. Consolidating all your information in one place will help you walk away from every meeting and class with all the material you need to be highly productive.
    An example of a perfect folder for meetings and classes is the Mywalit Black Leather Conference Folder. With its 6 card holders, zipped pouch, pen holder, and notepad, this folder will make it easy to keep all your notes in an easily accessible place. Ideal for men and women this folder will bring organization to a potentially chaotic situation.

At the beginning of every year, most people make resolutions to be better in the New Year. If you have a desire to become more organized in 2016, this is a very achievable goal. The ideas above coupled with determination will start you on a journey towards organization which will make your life a little easier and little less hectic.

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