Father’s Day is right around the corner, but luckily not yet knocking on our door. This means you still have plenty of time to plan out the big day, track down an awesome gift and thank your father for everything he has done for you. Dads are there for us when we fall, help teach us right from wrong and offer standing ovations for us when we work hard to achieve our goals.

Of course, we cannot forget to celebrate other individuals in our lives who may have taken the role of father: single mothers, grandparents, role models during our young years and all the other people who have helped shape us into the people we have become. Today, we will help you celebrate all of these people and help guide you to locating the best gift for the unique person you are shopping for.


Thoughtful Gifts for the Athletic Dads Out There

For fathers who are always on the move, staying healthy and working hard to keep the family healthy as well, there are a wide range of gift solutions. Why not pick out some adjustable dumbbells that your dad can use to cater to his specific workout regimen? He may also enjoy an insulated water bottle that he can take on his hiking and camping trips. Even if your father is a pro in the pushup department, he could benefit from a pushup training system that will help him pinpoint the muscles he wants to strengthen, or an Ab Mat that will offer a full range of abdominal workouts to help change up the monotony and add additional comfort to exercising. To make a day of the experience, surprise your dad with a special day out.


How to Make a Gamer Dad Smile

Gamers are a unique breed of dads, defeating all sorts of enemies without leaving the couch. If you have a father who loves to wind down at the end of a long day to some Tom Clancy’s The Division or Dark Souls III, there are a number of gifts he may enjoy. You can’t go wrong with retro gaming accessories, posters or blankets. Help your dad show off his nerdy side with tie adornments that represent his favorite characters or household items, such as lamps that capture some of the best moments in gaming history. A new gaming mouse that improves in-game control or an LED keyboard that make gaming in the dark easier than ever are also gifts that will be well received.


Give Car-Loving Dad’s What They Really Want

Dads who love their cars as if they were members of the family pride themselves in their vehicles running smoothly and looking fantastic. Help your father show off his love for cars or luxury transportation with a T-shirt or tie showing off his favourite make and model. He may also enjoy cufflinks that he can show off while on the job that display fuel gauges or speedometers. With plenty of time left for planning, why not research local racing events and either watch the action take place or sign up to be a part of the main event? Nothing will quite get a car enthusiast dad’s adrenaline racing like showing off his vehicle in a crowd.


Add a Bit of Fun to a Workaholic Father’s Life

Do you have a father who works extremely hard in order to keep up with the needs of your family? If so, then Father’s Day is the perfect time to thank him and bring a little light into his busy schedule. To help your dad stay organized; surprise him with a Bluetooth location tracker. This can help him find those easily misplaced items, such as his keys so he can come home to the family quicker and get some much-needed relaxation. He may also benefit from a card holder to keep his most important business cards safe and in perfect order. To help him change up his work space, why not purchase him an LED clock fan that will keep him cool while also keeping him on top of the day’s tasks? He could probably really use an erasable memo pad limiting waste of paper in the office and giving him a fun and futuristic way to jot down his most important ideas. For dads who spend a lot of their working hours outside, touch screen gloves can help him not only stay warm during the cold months of the year but be able to use his phone without exposing his bare fingertips.


What to Purchase for a Happily Retired Father

For dads out there who have completed the working aspect of their lives and are now focusing on enjoying their hobbies and spending quality time with family and friends, gifts can be a little tricky to find. What can you possibly buy for someone who has done and seen it all? Well, we have a few ideas for you. Why not consider a power bank so while he’s busy traveling from place to place, he won’t miss any phone calls and his devices will always be ready to whatever is in store next. How about a shot class chess set, creating a whole new game for him and his buddies. Retired fathers may not always be home but they probably would like to capture photographs while they are exploring the world. A Smartphone printer would let your dad print pictures instantly during his hiking trips, beach days or road trips with his friends. Of course, there are a massive amount of silly T-Shirts and wall decorations with hilarious quotes about being retired which many dads would get a real kick out of.



Remember, Father’s Day isn’t just about giving gifts; it’s about taking the time to celebrate a person in your life who has been there through thick and thin. No matter what you decide to do with or for your dad on Father’s Day, have fun. He will enjoy anything you decide to do because it’s all in the thought behind your actions. Your love for him will shine through whatever you decide to give him this year, as it has every year before. Enjoy your fathers, mothers, mentors and friends who have stood by your side this upcoming Father’s Day.

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