The world is full of museums. In almost every town or city around the world you can find everything ranging from historical to scientific to artistic museums. While some may appear as stagnant buildings with displays roped off creating a boring environment, other museums think outside the box and create an environment which is alluring, thrilling and something you will never forget. The museums, or parks as he calls them, of British sculptor, Jason deCaires Taylor fit this definition perfectly. Taylor has taken the ordinary concept of a sculpture museum and thrown it out the window. As a matter of fact, his parks are so unique, you cannot find them on land. You see, Taylor’s sculpture parks are underwater and are drawing huge crowds of people desiring to view the rather haunting sculptures carefully placed on the ocean floor.

The ocean could already be considered a museum as its mysterious floors hold remnants and artifacts telling the tales of life and death on the seas. But Taylor’s sculptures add another element to the stories the sea can tell us. His sculptures are not meant to serve as a memorial to death, but rather an awareness of change and the beauty of nature. It is also Taylor’s desire to bring awareness to the need to preserve the fragile beauty and ecosystem found on the ocean floor.

Taylor has been creating life-size sculptures of humans, as well as objects such as cars, pianos, tables, and rafts and carefully placing them on the ocean floor since 2006. In Cancun, divers can discover a large group of sculptures (called The Silent Evolution) ranging from a small child to an old man. The crowd of people creates a haunting sight as the silence of the ocean seems to swallow them as if they were lost forever. Another sculpture in Cancun called the Anthropocene depicts a rather sad scene. The sculpture is an old Volkswagen Beetle with holes in the windows. On the hood of the car is a human curled up. Not only does this car provide lodging for small fish and lobster (through the window holes and small door entrances) but it also depicts a puzzling picture. What is going on? Why does the person seem so sad? What events led to this scene?

In the waters near Grenada, a sculpture entitled The Lost Correspondent depicts a person at a large desk carefully typing on a small typewriter. The content of the “letter” is unknown leaving it up to the interpretation of the viewer as to what thoughts the writer is attempting to put on paper. Additionally, near the same area, divers can view the Viccisitudes sculpture. A circle of people facing outward while holding hands shows a beautiful display of human unity.

These sculptures do not scratch the surface of the Taylor’s wonderful work. Not only is his work brilliant and an inspiring sight, but each sculpture presents a unified and powerful truth. Since each sculpture is at the mercy of the sea and its inhabitants, they are constantly changing. As time goes on, each sculpture will alter drastically as coral life begins to grow on them and seas creatures use them to create homes. For this reason, each time a diver visits the sculptures it will be a new experience. The constant change of the sculptures paints a powerful message concerning the frailty of human nature. The idea that we have the potential to be altered by what is around us.

Although this is a powerful truth, it is Taylor’s hope that these sculptures will not only present a message, but will also help to preserve the angelic beauty of the ocean. By submerging his creations into the depths of the sea, he is providing ocean life with new homes and places to flourish, thus helping to rebuild coral life which is easily destroyed by natural disasters and human carelessness.

Taylor’s masterful creations are unique in their haunting beauty. When visiting his sculpture parks, divers are given a rare glimpse of the beauty of human creativity as it collides picturesquely with the wonders hidden on the ocean floor. These parks are truly a wonder to behold.

To see pictures of Taylor’s sculptures and learn more about his work, visit his website here.

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