Having a charged phone is something we tend to take for granted when we spend much of our time inside our homes, cars and offices. Even with that many opportunities to charge, we have all come across a situation where we ran into a dead battery. This is never a good feeling! Thanks to designer Pauline Deltour, this will be an issue as old as the Stone Age. Never again will you miss those important calls, not have access to your email or social media accounts. When your business is with you on the go, staying connected at all times is more important than ever. The lightweight design of the Lexon Fine Power Bank makes for easy transportation. Slip this baby in your purse or travel bags and those emergency charging situations will no longer be a big deal. Simply slide the inner charging station out and a USB port appears. The elastic band remains on the charger for easy storage of your most important cables.

  • Designer mobile phone power bank
  • Power 2700ma
  • One full charge for most smartphones
  • Elastic band to hold cable
  • Slide out to open the device
  • Compact portable design
  • Works with android and iPhones
  • Made from burgundy anodised alumium & ABS rubber
  •  8.7 x 6 x 1.3cm
  • Weighs 139 grams
  • Recharges via USB


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