Whether you’re shopping for a new flame, that special someone you’ve been with for a few years or the love of your life, Valentines’ Day is a big gift giving occasion. We believe chocolates and flowers are great but those types of surprises fade with time. Memories, on the other hand, last a lifetime. That’s why we think it never hurts to get those tasty treats and beautiful bouquets, but also take the extra time to find some unforgettable valentine’s day gifts.

Capture a Moment

One of the best ways to make a day to remember is by keeping photographs. Many of us have social media sites, such as Facebook or Pinterest. We also have digital cameras and smart phones but does the person you’re shopping for have a place to display their favorite photos in their home? These days there are what seems like an endless number of options when it comes to home decorations. There are clocks that allow you to customize with the handwriting of your family members while also helping keep a tight schedule. 3D photo frames and collages are perfect to show someone just how much they’re loved.

Accessories are a Girl’s Best Friend

Okay, so accessories alone don’t make a girl (or woman) happy but they sure are a great place to start. Showing her that you know what types of things she enjoys, whether it be a new designer purse, that clutch she’s had her eyes on or a surprise pair of earrings is going to make her heart shine. It’s not always about the amount of money that’s spent, it’s about the thought. Give something she’s been talking about for quite some time and she’s bound to be on Cloud Nine! Offer a stunning place to store her new accessories and you’ve just put the icing on the Valentine’s Day cake.

Be a Part of the Journey

Does the man or woman of your dreams spend a lot of time in the office? Why not find them something that they can keep with them while busy at work? This is a wonderful way to remind them they’re important. Find creative ways to decorate their desk or cubicle to curb some of the monotony. Do this by bringing a bit of technology and simplicity to their life.

How about a memo recorder? A decorative stapler, or maybe even a customizable coffee mug that can feature some of the best shots of your relationship thus far? These types of gifts are also great for frequent travelers. Spending time away is never easy but sometimes it’s necessary. Might as well help them travel in style and with a little piece of home with them no matter where they go.

Quality over Quantity

Material things are great and all, but don’t forget to spend some quality time with the people you love during the holiday. We know, you’ve probably heard it a million times but the quality of the time you spend is far more than the quantity of money.

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