The commercial aspect of Valentines’ Day has a lot to do with being in a relationship, getting engaged or making some sort of spectacular life change. Who typically gets forgotten during this time of the year? The people who are single, the ones who choose to be alone or are giving their heart a break. Being single is something to be proud of because it allows you time to get to know yourself, follow your own personal dreams or be a little selfish. (It’s not always a bad thing!) On the same token, this time of year can help us focus on different types of love that exist in our life that can sometimes be easily forgotten or discarded altogether.

Loving Who You See

During a time of the year that is about finding love and being in love, many people forget to take care of themselves. Look in the mirror both physically and philosophically, and take a look at who you’ve been, who you are and who you dream of becoming. Love the person you see looking back at you. Gift giving during ‘The Month of Love’ doesn’t have to necessarily be about spending money on someone you’re in a romantic relationship with. It can be about you, about reminding your close friends how much they mean to you, sending a quick ‘I love you’ to your mother or even grabbing a special something that is going to brighten up your own day that you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

Prepare for Some Serious Corny!

We know! We know! This all can sound very corny, but what’s wrong with corny? Love is a pretty amazing feeling, isn’t it? There are the ups, the downs – the highs, the lows and so many breathless moments that come along with it. Life can take our breath away in more way than one. The moment your first child is born is precious and so is that first step you take up those college steps, excited and worried about failure. The family arguments and then reconciliations. All of these things are beautiful in the fact that they make us stronger, day by day. What doesn’t kill us definitely does make us stronger, even if we don’t always view the situation that way at the time. These are the types of things many of us don’t give ourselves credit for. Any time you haven’t given up, you haven’t failed. Reward yourself or someone close to you for the trials, tribulations and amazing achievements!

Remember the Forgotten

Let’s all try a little something new this year. Let’s all take a moment to think about the people who may not really enjoy the holiday, and give them something to get excited about. Send them a friendship card, get them a fancy photo frame or a photo album and make them feel like they are loved. There’s a lot of love in this world, so let’s spread it around and make this a day that is less about couples and more about everyone in the world. There should never be someone out there silently saying to themselves ‘Don’t forget about me!’

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