There are many ways to light our lives. There is the more ‘traditional’ way of thinking and that would be the lighting of our hearts, of our minds – of our souls. These rays of sunshine can appear in the form of kind words from a close friend, a hug from a family member or a smile from a stranger on the street. Of course, there is also the physical light that we get from the sun every day or the artificial lighting within our living quarters. Whether we can see or simply feel the light around us, it’s an important part of our being. Many of the products we sell are capable of gently offering a mixture of both ‘tradition’ and ‘convention’ to your loved ones, no matter how near or far, with just a hint of creativity that is difficult to find in today’s market.

On the Go: Did you know?!

Do you know a hard working student, single mom or friend from ‘way back’ who is always struggling to carry more things than seems humanly possible? Reaching for a flash light, cell phone or even lighter to find your way isn’t always the best and most convenient option. This is when a Bag Light may come in handy. The easy attachment is one of the best features, with two sturdy magnets; the light isn’t going to go anywhere, other than where you go. And, the silicone rubber means no damage to the contents in your bag or anything that comes into contact with it. Losing this baby is going to take some serious hard work, you’re going to have to lose your precious bag (and probably your mind!).

Fashion that just Makes Sense!

Women and men both are known to enjoy candles, although much more time and money gets spent on catering to the needs of the ladies when it comes to these decorative pieces. A candle can be much more than a candle and candle holders deserve some respect. (You guessed it; we are here to bring it for them)

What is a candle without a candle holder? Sure, the person on your gift list may have many shapes, sizes and scents; but do they have holders that represent their unique personality? While there are many candle holders to choose from, one of our favorites would have to be the T-Loop T-Light Holder. This beauty looks great in a wide range of areas throughout any home: the book shelf, TV stand, kitchen table – to name a few. Black + Blum not only created this piece to function as a stand-alone, but also to be combined with more than one piece. Simply overlap two of their holders and get a unique looking cluster that will quickly become a centerpiece.

Add a Splash of Color: Literally

Another gift that both men and women are bound to enjoy are the Menu Dropp Rubber Fruit Bowls. This company knows how to give exactly what every household is looking for, its own style. Whether you’re going for a dropp of red (get it?), a hint of lime green or maybe something white that will go fantastically well with your new kitchen paint, they have the color for you!

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