Buying a gift for the main lady in your life can be a scary proposition, especially if it is the first Christmas you are spending together. You may wonder what she would find particularly special when she unwraps it on Christmas morning, and be very keen to ensure that the box she gets on the day contains something she will really love. Jewellery has traditionally always been a go to gift for boyfriends and husbands who want to impress, but how do you pick something she will truly adore from all of the sparkly things on offer?


Choosing Rings

Rings can be a hard thing to buy for your significant other. This is partly because just like clothes, she has a ring size you need to observe when buying her this kind of jewellery. If you simply want it to be a cool gift she can wear then go for the size of her middle finger. Anything too fancy and you risk that weird sitcom scenario of whether it is a marriage proposal or not.



Earrings can be quite a good choice because they don’t have the same proposal connotations as rings, but they look great and can be a way to give the girl you love some diamonds or other stones. However, it is pretty essential to check that the girl you are buying for actually has pierced ears. If your wife or girlfriend doesn’t wear a lot of jewellery now, particularly on the ears, chances are she never will, and you should choose a different gift.


Necklaces and Bracelets

A necklace or bracelet is the perfect gift if you are looking to give jewellery to a woman and don’t want to propose marriage just yet! It allows you to apply a little of your own taste, and choose something that has your personal stamp of approval on it. You can find a wide range of pretty pendants and cool charm bracelets that will delight the woman in your life without sending out the wrong message, and you can also choose between different metals like silver, gold, platinum and even titanium to ensure that what she gets will look great with her own personal style.

Necklaces come in a range of lengths and you may want to check to see whether she wears jewellery that is either tight like a choker style necklace or more free flowing before you buy. However, if you pay some attention to the styles your wife or girlfriend feels most comfortable wearing, there is no reason why you can’t choose a really beautiful gift this Christmas that really matches her own personal taste. Take a sneaky look at the jewellery she wears and if you can, hijack rings and bracelets for sizing purposes – she really won’t mind when you present her with beautiful jewellery based gifts!

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