The modernistic style has a unique flair of its own. From crisp clean dimensional lines to simple yet dynamic focal points, everything about this style alludes to sophistication. This modern style concept can be seen in everything from clothes, to décor, to the specific design of homes. When exploring a home created with a modernistic flair, it is not uncommon to find unique features and structural elements which cannot be found in any other style. Everything from a floating staircase and bar counters to outdoor bathrooms and waterfall showers add to the abstract creativeness for which modern homes are known. Although countless ideas can be utilized in the making a modern home, below are three ideas which put a new twist on common elements and bring unique creativeness to a whole new level.


The Staircase/Bookcase

            A common design factor in modernistic homes is the staircase. Floating stairs, clear stairs and even stairs with an artistic spin are common within this style. Oftentimes, the staircase will end up being the central focus of a room. The staircase/bookcase designed by Architect Tamir Addadi, fits this idea perfectly. His concept of a floating staircase coupled with a bookcase easily creates a showpiece which is not only imaginative but serves a dual purpose. Developing this design for a private home in London, Addadi’s design utilizes both the actual floating stairs and small wooden rods to make cubby holes which not only hold books securely, but also create an art piece which can be viewed from the first floor. While the rigid lines and rectangular shelf pattern allow the staircase to be revealed subtly in the background, it also creates a place to showcase a fine book collection and add additional storage which is needed in any home.


Bringing the Outside In

Oftentimes when we think of bringing the outside in, our initial thoughts gravitate towards simple things like a flower pot, a window box, a large framed window, or even a glass patio door. While these features do help to bring in small elements of beauty from the outside, Terry & Terry Architecture took this concept and renovated a single-story home to extend the backyard garden into the center of the home’s interior. While working on a home addition and renovation in San Francisco, architects created a “glass-clad fissure” to uniquely bring together the original structure and the expansion. While the two wings are initially connected in a traditional manner, they quickly diverge to create a small “v” shaped space outside. Within the bounds of this space the outside gardens are flawlessly pulled towards the center of the home creating the allusion that the inside is boundlessly connected to the outside world. The curved glass from which the garden can be viewed adds another unique feature to the room and gives the entire architectural structure a smooth flow.


A Balcony:

What modern apartment or townhouse would be complete without the addition of a balcony? These create the perfect spot for soaking in the sun, enjoying a romantic dinner, or making additional room for those dinner parties. Although most balconies are pretty basic, HofmanDujardin and Kawneer France released a new type of balcony, called Bloomframe that is revolutionary. Imagine stepping into a beauty city apartment with spacious rooms, modern art, and a beautiful floor to ceiling window. Then, with the touch of a button that window begins to move and is slowly transformed into a balcony. This ingenious balcony, with its glass floor allows you to see everything from the spacious sky to the crowded streets or beautiful landscape beneath your feet. It creates the perfect way to enjoy a beach sunset or a street lit city and gives a modern twist to a common home feature.


These are just a few of the unique elements which have been constructed with a modernistic viewpoint. Countless techniques, innovations, and design styles have resulted in a market full of ideas which can make a modern home not only a place for rest and relaxation, but also a place which is captivating to the senses and appealing to the eye.



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