When it comes to buying gifts, no two people are alike. Take a moment to think about the people who frequent your shopping list. More than likely, you will quickly begin to categorize everyone according to their specific likes, dislikes, styles and personalities. There is the fashion queen, the home body, the adventurer and the sports fanatic. While these categories oftentimes lend themselves to an easy shopping adventure, there are some that may stump you. Perhaps you have that one friend or family member who is a creative genius and spends their time designing, illustrating, programming, or developing. Although such designers make great impacts on the world as we know it, when it comes to buying a gift for them, you may spend endless hours roaming the stores and surfing the web. In order to help get your creative juices flowing when trying to find the best gifts for designers, below are four great ideas which are sure to please any designer.


Task Lamp

At some point in the designing process, designers will find themselves at a desk. Whether they are on the computer, carefully sketching a new concept, or pouring over research and information, adequate lighting is essential. That is why the modern task lamp is the perfect gift. With its adjustable hinges and portability, designers will be able to shine light on any project whether it’s on a drafting table, computer, or workbench. Available in three stylish colors, this lamp is the ideal feature for any designer’s office or work space.


Self-Powered USB Hub

For most designers, a computer is a vital part of their equipment. With new technology and software being presented to the market on a constant basis, most designers have moved all their work exclusively to a computer or laptop. With the computer being the main hub from which most designs are born, it is important to have all the necessary equipment, like a printer, mouse, flash drive, hard drive, readily available in order to make the designing process flow. However, since most computers only have 2 or 3 USB ports, your designer friend may have to constantly stop work in order to rearrange the devices linked to their computer. In order to relieve this frustration, consider buying them a Lexon’s self-powdered USB hub. While this application looks simple, it can be a life saver. By simply utilizing one USB port on the computer, you can instantly create four new outlets, allowing your friend to plug in numerous devices all at the same time. Available in a variety of colors, this is the perfect gift that is not only extremely useful but makes for a fun and unique addition to any desk.


Laptop Bag

What better gift for a busy designer on the go than a stylish laptop bag. The 17 inch bag from Lexon is designed perfectly for carrying all the necessary equipment.  With an interior consisting of a securely padded compartment for a laptop, seven smaller compartments as well as four additional external compartments, this bag has enough room for everything a designer might need at any given time. However, the usefulness of this bag doesn’t end there; with a special velvet lined tablet holder, your designer friend can now carry both their laptop and tablet securely in one bag. The sophisticated design of this bag with its leather handles, removable strap, and sleek design is not only ideal for everyday use, but is great for business trips. With its ability to be easily mounted to luggage, the designer in your life will be set for any trip.


Apple Computer

While all these gifts may be perfect for an ordinary birthday or special occasion, what happens when the time comes to buy that one special gift which will wow and astonish the designer in your life? Although there are countless gifts which a designer would love, there is one gift which can be found at the top of every designer’s wish list: an Apple Mac computer.  While there are countless brands which make excellent computers, Apple computers are often preferred by designers due to several key factors. First, storage is vital to designers, especially in today’s culture where most documents, ideas, communication, and notes are stored on electronics. Apple prides themselves on their storage capabilities, giving designers the room they need for all their ideas. Second, Apple computers are known for their speed, an important thing for designers as they quickly access all of their wonderful ideas. Another coveted element of the Apple computer is the high-end graphics. Crystal clear and detailed imagery is very important especially for graphic designers. The ability to view each design concept with the utmost clarity will assure success on each and every project. Finally, a unique element which makes Apple computers ideal for designers is their ability to link and share information with other devices. A designer doesn’t have to rely fully on the computer as they are able to transfer information to their tablet and phone. Having a variety of methods in which to access information and designs will make your friends work much simpler.


While you may be concerned about trying to find the best gifts for designers in your life, it is important to always remember one thing: a gift given with genuine sentiment means more to them than you can possibly imagine. It doesn’t matter the size of the gift or how elaborate it may be, taking the time to carefully pick out something your friend or loved one will enjoy can touch their heart in a very special way.

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