Giving is a charitable, loving and very special aspect of life. When we think of giving, many of us picture delivering an object of lavish monetary value but something else is oftentimes worth far more. A feeling of the heart and soul is something that cannot simply be handed out or purchased and that’s what we do here. We help people create memories, future moments in time that will last forever. The most important part of the equation of giving – is you!

Belly Laughs

Alright, so let’s all picture a day that was completely awful. Ick, right? Bear with me for just a second. No matter how tough things may have seemed, no matter how far away that light at the end of the tunnel appeared to be, later on – everything made sense, you learned and moved forward.

One thing money can’t buy is laughter. We aren’t talking about those pretend laughs either; the ones where the joke doesn’t make sense but not laughing would lead to a little bit of guilt. Nope, we are talking about those moments that are adorable, hilarious, or just downright fun! Getting down on one knee and watching the woman you love bursting into tears and laughing at the beautiful awkwardness of the moment that she can’t believe is happening is something money can’t buy. A gift enhances the moment, sure, but it’s the thought and emotion behind it that truly counts. Gag gifts and humorous wall stickers are a few other ways one could go about bringing the happiness of laughter into the lives of loved ones.

Architecture of Time

Gifts with Style can select high quality gifts, add the right splash of fashion and offer customer service that shows we care about each of you individually but we aren’t the architects of the next chapter in your life. Our job is to simply be the guiding hand that helps locate your personal destination. Arts and crafts are a wonderful way to create something special for someone important in your life. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be a painter or an upcycling fanatic. Simply tracking down objects that speak to you can work just fine. Put less focus on the final product and begin simply investigating what may and may not be a part of the big reveal.

Take, for example, a collage of article and picture clippings. Each on its own can be interesting but not until they are all placed together do they become a true piece of work. Treat this tidbit as motivation to guide you through the creation process. Take presents from here and gift ideas from there in order to become the carpenter of the lives of those around you. Show them how much they mean to you through your helping hand, your generous ways and you are bound to leave a very strong and beautiful footprint on their hearts. We can’t stress this enough – it’s not about the price you pay, but the time you spend!

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