Whether we want to admit it or not, we all know someone who doesn’t exactly fit the mold. Not that this is necessarily a bad thing, but it can be very troublesome watching someone struggle to fit in and find their own way when they mean a lot to us and – from where we’re standing – appear perfect the way they are. There are plenty of things that can be done to help show support without coming across as though you’re trying to change who they are.


As much as we would all love to be able to say no one judges us based on first impressions such as physical appearance, clothing choices and how we communicate, it is simply human nature to do so. Way back in the cave man days these judgments may have literally been used to help distinguish between an enemy and a friend. In today’s world, these types of things are often overused and create barriers between others that don’t always need to be there.


That being said, acceptance goes a long way. Showing someone who behaves or carries themselves differently that you like them for their unique qualities can be the difference between a confident individual and someone who seems to constantly battle to ‘make it’. We only live one life and oftentimes just  being around when others are embarrassed and walk away could be exactly what said person is seeking. Acceptance and approval are two natural things any creature wants. We may be human but we still crave similar things to other critters of the world.

A Helping Hand

Acceptance and guidance complement  one another quite nicely. Coming off strong and telling someone that the way they dress, for example, is causing others to treat them differently isn’t always the best approach. Some people are more sensitive than others and while the intention may be to assist, this way of going about things may actually have the opposite effect and hinder. What may be needed is something more subtle – like a random shopping spree. We aren’t telling you to go out and break the bank but set a goal that is within your budget. Even one new outfit can completely change someone’s outlook. Yes, this sounds completely melodramatic to some but it never hurts to try.

Give it Time

Sometimes things just take time. If helping out, showing acceptance and giving little tips along the way isn’t quite working out, offer your time. Just be and allow them to be. Life has a way of working things out and maybe this person is in need of a cheerleader, not a coach who is going to pick apart and grade them on the things they do or don’t do. Overcomplicating things is commonplace, especially when there is pain involved but money can’t buy one thing and that is a true friend. Be that to the best of your ability and it’s extremely difficult  to go wrong. We all need someone who grasps and acknowledges the good parts of ourselves, because those are usually the hardest aspects of ourselves to see.

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