We all have at least one of them in our family and in our inner circle of friends. It’s that person that is always on their phone, they always have to have the newest car, the coolest gadgets and they just don’t see the reason to settle for anything less. Buying a gift for someone like this can seem a bit difficult at first glance but we promise there are some things out there that they do not have, either because they haven’t heard of them or because they haven’t invested enough time researching to realize how much said product would change their life. Today we are going to discuss a few of our favorite technology gifts that are going to keep even the most technology-savvy heads turning to do a double take!


Never Run Out Of Juice on the Go

During a time when Pokémon Go is one of the leading games on the market, phone batteries are taking a major hit. If you know someone who is an avid playing of the game, it may be time to invest in either a charging case or a separate portable charger. The game gets people out and about for hours upon hours during the day and no matter how nice of a phone they may have; their battery is simply not going to be able to keep up. Buying a portable charger or charging case is going to prove to be a lot more affordable and convenient than swapping out battery after battery as each one dies throughout the day. A lot of the chargers are going to be well under $50, so you are bound to find them something that they can enjoy. This is not only a fantastic option for gamers but also business men and women alike. It is a great way to stay connected even when you are always on the go.

There are also wallets now that have chargers built right into them. This may be the best solution for people who are not looking for bulky phone cases and do not have enough space to carry a portable charger.


Customize Their Computer for the Future

The future is here and it is bright. There are so many things you can do these days with the computers or laptops that you already have. If you haven’t heard of a leap motion controller, you should really look it up. Basically, instead of using a mouse, your computer is going to read your hand signals similarly to how a Kinect does for Xbox. This is going to make navigation something that you have never experienced before. All you have to do is swipe, pinch or grab at the air in order to interact with your computer screen. Since the device is always plugged into your computer there is no need to worry about charging mouse batteries or having a mouse pad. Pretty nifty if we say so ourselves!


Gag Gift for Technology Addicts

We could never post this blog without adding in this hilarious gift. The other day as we were searching for exciting gifts that we thought you guys would get a kick out of we came across a waffle maker that creates tasty waffles in the shape of a keyboard. We have seen our fare share of off the wall gifts but this one takes the cake, or I guess in this case – the waffle. This is the type of present that someone with all of the money in the world would be pleasantly surprised to receive.


Two-in-One Gloves

Your technology addicted friend or family member is probably on their phones a lot and if they often use their phones at night or go on vacations to cold places, they may not have the proper gear to use their phones. A lot of phones are not capable of picking up on hand motions and presses when your fingers are below a certain temperature. This can lead to frustration that isn’t necessary. Instead, you could buy your loved one a pair of touch gloves that allow them to use their touch screen devices even in the dead of winter. Of course, it is not winter now but this is the type of gift you could purchase them later on in the year. They come in many different colors and styles, with a wide range of prices. Honestly, we have seen pairs for under $5 that do the trick just fine.


Speakers for Every Occasion

We came across these really cool speakers on Amazon that can clip right on to your belt or your keys. This speaker is really affordable and can allow you to play your favorite music from your phone while you are out working on the car, getting the laundry done or simply walking around the house. We are addicted, as your technology friends and loved ones are most likely as well, to anything and everything that requires zero hands. Put on some iHeart radio and rock out to your heart’s content without having bulky speakers that you need to move around from room to room with you.


More Music to Love

Speaking of music, many of us miss the days of the turntable. There was something about the sound that just wasn’t quite like anything else out there. Well, the Crosley Messenger Turntable is something to consider if you are purchasing for an old school lover of music. What’s so neat about this particular gift is that it also doubles as a shoulder bag. Your friend or family member can walk around in style while playing some of their favorite records no matter where they go. We aren’t really sure where you would travel with this bad boy, but we aren’t one to judge.


Creativity Doesn’t Always Kill the Cat

While they say creativity can kill, we are here to say that it can spark interest and help bring you to find some pretty great gifts. It doesn’t matter how much money someone has or makes, there is always something out there that is going to touch their soul. We hope we have inspired you to find your next great gift, and as always comment below of any neat ideas you have because as usual, we are all ears!

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