Don’t get me wrong, winter is great. It’s nice to snuggle up by the fire, watch the snowflakes fall and enjoy some quality time with the family. Winter just seems to last far longer than the other seasons. You don’t realize how much you want the sun until it’s hiding behind clouds more than it decides to come out and say hello. Spring is a great time of year, the perfect time for change and renewal. While many folks will be focusing on cleaning OUT their closet, we want to take some time to remind you that bringing new things IN is just as important. With a whole new year can come a whole new you with different goals, as well as different motivations. Let us help you line up your surroundings with your new attitude.


Add Some Fun to Your Interior

Blend the refreshing sights and sounds of Spring with some new colorful furniture, jaw-dropping wall decorations or intriguing wardrobe selections. It is so easy to become used to the things we have, but there is no shame in trading in the old for the new. There are plenty of people out there who would absolutely adore that couch you’ve been holding onto or that jacket you never quite found a matching outfit for. With so many websites and apps these days making selling products easier than ever, there’s no reason you should feel guilty about letting go. Think of what you can do with the extra cash! Plus, you’ll be helping others who are looking for something new this season as well.


Trick Yourself Into Some Healthy Motivation

Okay, so the whole New Years’ Resolution situation may not have worked out as well as you planned, but who says you have to wait until next year to get it right? Sure, a few months have passed but it’s never too late to get back on track. Did you know there are certain colors that trigger specific emotions in the brain? Tap into this knowledge to get the most out of the space around you. Green, for example, is said to do wonders for motivation. This could help you get that project you’ve been working on done quicker and help keep you in check when it comes to your exercise goals. A fun way to incorporate this tip into your everyday life: choose makeup and clothing colors in line with what your current goals are.


A Whole New You

Change doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to get used to new routines or a fresh lifestyle. Looking for a way to break up the monotony and bring some energy back into daily life? Why not join a local club or take part in an activity or sport that you’ve always had your eyes on but one excuse or another led to putting the idea off. We only live once ladies and gentleman, so let this Spring be the right time. Something as simple as a new yoga mat in your living room will remind you of the life you’re reaching for. May sound silly, but the little things truly add up.

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