This world is jam packed with so many beautifully wonderful things that technology and science has allowed us to witness and comprehend. Could you imagine how it must have felt to find out the world was round when by all appearances, it being flat made absolute sense? How about when you were just a child and learned that dolphins and other animals of the sea find their way through water using something called echolocation? These things often seem as though they were pulled right out of a science fiction novel, don’t they? It’s surprising how much information is out there at our fingertips, yet we find ourselves simply not living the lives we thought we would. If you are in a rut or know someone who feels similar, reading on may just put such feelings in the past.

Choosing a Path and Sticking to It

We would be lying to you if we said that life is easy. It’s not, and where would be the fun in it if it was simple? What would we learn? What would be our purpose if everything we wished and dreamed for was easily obtainable? We would probably all sit around doing nothing most of the day because there wouldn’t really be something to fight for. Passion comes with fight.

I recently read an article and it went to some pretty good depth as to why people feel lost in their lives. It was both eye opening and a bit frustrating. So many of the people around me, (including myself!) have fallen into these traps. How easy it is to just continue going day to day and not think too much further than tomorrow? How often do you honestly think about next month, let alone years from now? The truthful answer to that question embarrasses me. Where are the goals we set as children? Where is that hopeful feeling and that ‘I can do anything’ attitude run off too?

Fight for the Future!

What so many of us do is seek things that we think will offer us happiness. Raise your hand (I can’t see you, so I’m not able to ‘tattle’ on ya!) if you have chased things that have only gone skin deep? Have there been times where you worked a job you hated, was treated awfully and did it all for the sake of money, just so you could keep the boat afloat? (Mine’s raised) Raise your hand if you’ve chased people because you felt you needed to be with a man (or woman) in order to be something in this world? (Mine’s raised).
I don’t ask for much from people (at least I hope that statement is true- haha!), but what I do want to see is people give more than they take. Not to the point of putting yourself in a vulnerable position, of course. My birthday is coming up next month and what I would really like to see is you give something to yourself. Chase something that you’ve put on the back burner. If you don’t mind sharing, post about it below. I want to see people fight for their younger selves and give themselves the gift of hope. We only live once, guys and gals, so let’s make this run worth it!

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