Tea is the ultimate comfort drink, and it is one steeped in tradition. Everybody seems to have their own way of drinking it. Some like it strong, others prefer weak. Some want just a cloud of milk on it, others prefer it black. People prefer to place a sugar cube in it, others a spoonful of sugar and others not at all. Even the way tea is made (bag, tea egg, loose leaves) is different.

One thing is always the same however, and that is that tea always tastes better if it is served in a nice cup or mug. The Seletti I-Wares porcelain tea set in yellow is able to achieve that. The cup and saucer follow a classic baroque design style, but Seletti has been able to give it a modern touch thanks to the central design on the cup itself and, mainly, by making the handle of the cup bright yellow. This is a tea set that truly stands out from the crowd and you can proudly serve drinks in these.

Specification :

  • Seletti I-Wares Design.
  • Made from fine porcelain.
  • Set includes teacup, saucer and spoon.
  • Teacup comes with a brightly coloured handle in different colours (yellow, fuchsia, light blue).
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe.
  • Individual mugs and matching teapot or coffee set also available.
  • Designs are permanently on exhibition at MAD New York.


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