The battle between coffee and tea is one that will probably never be one. Most people have a strong preference for either one or the other. One thing that nobody can deny, however, is that there is something special about coffee. The history of coffee itself, supposedly “discovered” by a goat herder in Ethiopia who noticed that his goats would become hyperactive after consuming coffee beans, is interesting in its own right.

Coffee is a sophisticated drink that has to be served and presented properly. It can never be assumed, for instance, that someone would want sugar or milk in their coffee. Rather, they should be provided with this on the side.

The Seletti I-Wares porcelain coffee set makes this entire possible. It comes with a white coffee cup in the classic baroque style, but also a rectangular saucer and a spoon, leaving sufficient space on the saucer for a small container of coffee milk and a sugar cube. Furthermore, it ensures people can place their spoon back on the saucer after stirring, rather than causing stains on a tablecloth.

While a classic baroque design, Seletti has been able to fully modernise it thanks to the centrepiece design itself and, mostly, the bright fuchsia handle on the cup.

Specification :

  • Seletti I-Wares design.
  • Made from fine porcelain.
  • Cup H6xD7cm, saucer L11xW8cm.
  • Set includes cup, saucer and spoon.
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe.
  • Matching tea mug, tea pot and tea set also available.
  • Accent detail available in multiple colours (yellow, fuchsia, light blue).
  • Designs are on permanent exhibition display at MAD New York.


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