Once upon a time, people were content with having a simple light bulb hanging from their ceiling. Over time, more interesting designs were created, with fancy lampshades and other elements. However, nowadays, interior designers have taught us that lighting is an integral element of overall design and a simple light on the ceiling, no matter how fun and funky its design may be, simply isn’t sufficient anymore.

Instead, we have mood lighting, accent lighting, up lighting and down lighting. We use table lamps, floor lamps and ceiling lamps. Put together, these help to create a wonderful and unique effect in a room, casting coloured lights and shadows in carefully selected places.

The Seletti Linea Neon Light in blue helps you to achieve just that. It is a simple light blue standing floor lamp, with a hoop at the top so it could potentially be suspended from the ceiling as well. The top and bottom are of a light wood colour, and the power chord matches the blue of the lamp itself. The switch is at the foot of the lamp.

Wooden base not included. Buy here

  • Glass, wood and plastic construction and structure.
  • 140cm in height.
  • Fluorescent neon light.
  • Separate wooden base.
  • Seletti design.
  • Matching corded cable.
  • Colour: Blue
  • Light bulb included
  • For UK / Euro power supply


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