The Petali clock is a beautiful designer wall clock that is truly representative of the Progetti brand. It comes in various parts that are held together through magnets, allowing you to personalise exactly how the clock looks. It is constructed in layers which gives the clock a totally unique 3D look and the number of possibilities for configurations and positions are endless. This model is available in blue, with each “petal” being in different shades of blue and purple. The clock itself works on quartz crystal and is battery powered. An artistic statement piece for any contemporary interior and a great gift for anyone that likes modern design.

Specification :

  • Stunning designer wall clock
  • Petals can be arranged by the user
  • Colour : Blue
  • Dimension : 53 x 23 x 7 cm
  • Designer : Pretti Giulia
  • Weight : 2.3 kg
  • Material : Wooden
  • Made in Italy

2 reviews for Progetti Petali Designer Wall Clock

  1. 4 out of 5


    First designer clock. Im in love! Very, very happy customer

  2. 5 out of 5


    What a fancy clock! Mothers’ Day was a big deal this year. My mom has been fighting cancer and is finally in remission. My sisters and I pooled our money together to find something beautiful to represent the struggle and painful journey. The clock sets up like a flower, which we have representing growth and beauty. There are so many different shapes you can create and it’s all done with magnets. Lovely! <3

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