If you have a special occasion, such as a wedding or birthday, this calls for a special drink as well. Champagne is the most sophisticated and special of all drinks, and one that will certainly make an impression on your guests. It is absolutely vital that the drink is served icy cold.

With champagne, presentation is everything. This luxury champagne bucket with hammered finish allows you to present up to three bottles of champagne in a beautiful manner. Plus, it will make sure the drink stays at the perfect temperature.

A nickel plated champagne bath that has a shiny, yet authentic look. It features two brown leather handles attached to nickel plated pop rivets to the side of the bucket for easy carrying. This stunning bucket will take pride of place during any celebration.

  • Luxury champagne bucket
  • Small Champagne bath by Culinary Concepts
  • Nickel plated with hammered finish
  • Two strong leather handles
  • 18h x 20w x 38d cm.
  • Hand wash only


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