Ostrowski Design Lilly small Earrings. These floral earrings were handmade in Gdansk, Poland by world renowned jewellery designer Jacek Ostrowski. For this collection, Jakek was inspired by one of nature’s most beautiful flowers. A yellow Swarovski crystal is used to represent the petals, the leaves & stem are represented by flowing curved pieces 925 sterling silver. The result is one of the most elegant collections in the Ostrowski range. This gorgeous piece of designer jewellery would make a beautiful gift for any women. A perfect gift for special occasions, such as wedding anniversaries and loved ones birthdays.

  • Component Dimensions: 30mm
  • Swarovski Crystal: 14mm
  • flower Length: 50mm
  • Presented in Ostrowski Packaging

1 review for Ostrowski Lilly Small Earrings

  1. 5 out of 5


    These match perfectly with my new summer dress. The yellow bring out the flower pedals on my dress. They’re so happy and energetic. Love love love!

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