When thinking of silver, your mind does not often gravitate towards its versatile abilities. However, within his new Cornerstone Cradle Collection, Paul Spurgeon has chosen to showcase both the satin brushed and polished silver by combining them into one stunning double drop necklace. The striking polished silver contrasts beautifully with the soft elegant tone of the satin silver to create a breathtaking necklace. But the beauty does not end there. Utilizing the attributes of contemporary style, this silver necklace, on a fine trace chain, showcases a unique form of silver as it creates an effortless drip shape. The raw elegance of this necklace paired with its one-of-a-kind style makes this the perfect gift.

  • Approximately size of drops are 55mm & 45mm.
  • Metal : Silver
  • Polished and Satin Finished Silver
  • 41cms/16 fine trace chain


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