Tea, sugar, and coffee are used daily and need to be kept in an easily accessible place. However, jars can really clutter kitchen space. This is why British designers Black and Blum have created storage jars for their Forminimal collection which are not only highly practical but incredibly stylish. The deviating angles of these storage jars allow them to appear different from every direction, thus creating numerous displaying arrangements such as a clustered grouping or an aligned row. The air tight silicon seal around the lid assures your tea, sugar, and coffee will stay as fresh as the day it was bought. Also, in the process of creating these jars, Black and Blum took great care to create a perfect sized container, large enough to place your hand in to get the last few difficult scoops at the very bottom. Although these storage jars easily nest together for tight storage, their clean sculptural design will make you want to display them in a prominent place in your kitchen.

  • White modern kitchen storage jars
  • Material: polypropylene with added sea shell powder for ceramic feel, silicon
  • L 11cm W 11cm H 18cm (x1) / L 4.6″ W 4.6″ H 7.2″ (x1)
  • Container is dishwasher safe
  • Bamboo trim in lid
  • Colour: White & bamboo
  • Includes three storage containers
  • Air tight seal with silicon seal
  • Ideal for coffee, sugar and tea
  • Holds a 1kg bag of sugar


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