A difficult part of cooking is finding the exact utensil you want at the very moment it is needed. However, British designers Black and Blum have created an ingenious knife holder, which provides storage for all knives and cooking utensils in one easily accessible location. One convenient element found with this knife holder is the slopping angles which create the two holding compartments. This allows for effortless accessibility to all your vital cooking utensils. Also, the modern knife holding compartment utilizes small bamboo rods, thus eliminating the hassle of fitting specific knives into their designated holes.  Although the convenience of this holder is unique on its own, Black and Blum have taken it to the next level by incorporating a slide out bamboo chopping board which fits nicely between the two compartments. As the rustic brown compliments the modern white so flawlessly it is easy to see why this holder is not only convenient, but also the perfect finish to any modern kitchen.

  • White modern knife block combined with utensil holder & Chopping board
  • Material: polypropylene and bamboo
  • Bamboo sticks are carbonized to prevent mold
  • L 18cm W 15cm H 29cm / L 7″ W 6.1″ H 11.4″
  • Utensils sold separately
  • Colour: White & bamboo
  • Great for storing utensils & knives
  • Integrated removable bamboo chopping board
  • Bamboo sticks are carbonised to prevent mould
  • L 18cm W 15cm H 29cm / L 7″ W 6.1″ H 11.4″


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