Function and style can exist separately and do wonders. When the two work together as one, unspeakable greatness is created. It appears that no one knows this better than Giulio Iacchetti. Without getting into the numerous awards and recognition he has received over the years (seriously – we are amazed by his list of accomplishments!), we can see his passion in this simple, yet lovely piece. The white Noè bottle holder brought to you by Alessi doesn’t merely hold your bottles; it shows them off to the world. This 6 piece modular wine rack allows for easy removal and addition of pieces so the creation is completely in your hands. We all enjoy a little bit of magic, wouldn’t you say? This gift will completely blow away the wine lovers in your life with its lightweight, sturdy and intriguing design.

By combining and stacking elements you can create small structures – max. 1 m in height – that can be placed on the wall, about 4 cm from the wall to give greater stability to the assembled module.

  • Alessi wine rack made from white thermoplastic
  • Made up of separate modular sections
  • Multiple wine racks can be linked together
  • One module can be connected to two other modules with the groove on the base
  • Size: 30cm x 34.5 cm wide x 15.5 cm deep


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