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  • Lexon Flip Alarm Clock

      It's easy to see why this is the worlds best digital alarm clock! Another Red Dot design award winning product from British designers Jeremy and Adrian Wright, the Lexon...
  • Quick View Ogon Aluminium Wallet - Carbon Fiber Print Ogon Aluminium Wallet - Carbon Fiber Print
    Sold Out

    Ogon Aluminium Wallet - Carbon Fiber Print

     We love these trendy aluminium wallets by the innovative French brand, Ogon Designs. This designer wallet is a great alternative to leather wallets that look tired and tatty within a...
  • Wild and Wolf Credit Card Tool

    If you or someone you know is a fan of multi-use products then this credit card tool from Gentlemen's Hardware may be just what you're looking for. This lightweight and...
  • Progetti RND Time Wall Clock

    The RND Time black clock by RND lab is one of the most unusual clocks in the Progetti collection. RND is the symbol for “random” and that is exactly what this...
  • Lexon Script Digital Alarm Clock

    A striking innovative piece of design from British designers Jeremy and Adrian Wright! The Lexon Script clock is the first ever digital display that has an elegant cursive font, which...
  • Pair of Silver Champagne Flutes

    Drinking champagne is almost like a form of art, or at the very least something ritualistic. It would be impossible to enjoy a good bottle of champagne drinking out of...
  • Lexon Tykho Torch

    The Lexon Tykho torch is a slick design by Marc Berthier. It is slim enough to fit in the pocket but the super bright LEDs are powerful enough to produce...
  • Lexon Buro Rubber Calculator

      The Buro calculator by Lexon is a rubber calculator designed by Jeremy & Adrian Wright and is part of the Red Dot design award winning buro collection. It is...
  • Lexon Spring Rubber Watch - Large

    The Lexon Spring watch is a comfortable lightweight fashion accessory that makes a great gift for trendy men, women, boys and girls... funky rubber watch is available in white, red,...
  • Multi-Function Hammer Tool

    There is nothing quite like finding the right multi-tool. If you're an adventurer type or someone who enjoys fixing things up, you're going to really enjoy this hammer tool. When...
  • Lexon Tykho 2 Rubber Radio

    One of the most popular products by the French brand Lexon, The Tykho Rubber Radio is available in an array of funky colours! This compact radio has been constructed with...
  • Lexon Tykho Rubber Pen

    Designed by same designer as the iconic Lexon Tykho radio, this sleek and stylish pen is a joy to hold as it is made from rubber. Available in ten vibrant...
  • Max Benjamin Persian Rose Fragrance Diffuser

      From the Irish fragrance brand Max Benjamin, this 150ml reed diffuser will make any interior smell divine. During the Rose festival of Kashan, women in colourful traditional clothes hand...
  • Lexon Dreamtime Adjustable Volume Alarm Clock

      Add a touch of the modern style to any bedroom with the Dreamtime alarm clock from the French brand Lexon. This sleek alarm clock features a unique rotating dial...
  • Lexon Secret Money Box

    The Lexon Secret Box! A magical box that hides its contents, only to reveal what's inside when turned upside down. Perfect for sweets, coins or any hidden treasures. Slots on...
  • Lexon Beside Analogue Alarm Clock

      Designed by Ludovic Roth & Alexandre Dubreuil the Beside Alarm clock is a minimalist analogue alarm clock that oozes style. The snooze button also turns on a small LED...
  • Quick View Lexon Buro Rubber Hole Punch
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    Lexon Buro Rubber Hole Punch

      The Lexon Buro hole punch is made from ABS rubber and was designed by Jeremy & Adrian Wright. It is available in grey, purple or green and due to...
  • Lexon Fine Card Box with Mirror

      This Pauline Deltour business card holder is very feminine, but in a professional rather than girly way. It uses a two tone matted burgundy design and is made from...
  • Lexon Mezzo Retro Grey Analogue Alarm Clock

    The Lexon Mezzo grey alarm clock is a retro inspired minimalistic design by Ionna Vautrin. The hands glow in the dark so the time can be seen at night and the...
  • Ogon Quilted Zipper Aluminium Purse

      The Ogon Designs quilted zipper purse is a great looking purse with a tough aluminium case that has a unique quilted finish. Ogon branding can be seen on the...
  • Lexon Galaxy Pen Set

      The Galaxy pen set from French designers Lexon is a handy pocket sized pen set that makes a great gift for busy professionals. Designed by Marc Berthier & Gilles...
  • Lexon Minitotem Desk Organizer

      The Mini Totem is the ultimate desk organizer! Yet another innovative creation from French designers Lexon. It includes a pen pot, a tray for paper clips etc, a clock,...
  • Lexon Side Clock

    Designed by Ludovic Roth & Alexandre Dubreuil the Lexon Side clock is minimalist European design at its best. The simplicity of this design means it will fit in well in...
  • Newgate Putney Black Station Clock

    When looking for a wall clock, there are countless options from which to choose. However, nothing can beat a classic. Presenting the iconic Putney Wall Clock from the British company,...
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