Spring and Summer are the time of year when many people begin looking at moving into a new apartment or finding a house that better fits their needs. When someone is planning on making such a big life change, it is a time of celebration. But, what do you buy as a housewarming gift for someone who is already having all of their dreams come true? This difficult question is a lot easier to answer than you may think. Let us help you snag that great gift that is going to warm the hearts of the new homeowners.


Eye-Catching Entry

The first thing any new visitor to your friend’s new home is going to see is their front door. This is where you come into play. Why not purchase a cute door decoration that will help set the tone for the rest of the place? You’ve already been to the previous residence so chances are, you are going to have a good idea what the theme of the house is going to be. If you aren’t so sure, just ask! Since placing an item on the door is a pretty big step, go ahead and run a few ideas by the new homeowners before making your final purchase. You can’t really go wrong with a cute quote about unity or love. You may even opt for a more earthy purchase, this offers an everlasting display of flowers or greenery of some kind. This is going to draw the eye up to the entryway and place a very inviting vibe on the front of the house.


Help Set the Table

The dining room table is one of the most important places in every home. This is where memories are made and wonderful meals are shared. Why not buy a centerpiece for the new dining area? This will keep you close to the hearts of your friends even when you aren’t able to make it to the meal. A stunning candle display or jars with colorful marbles are a few great ideas that will add a little flair to the space.

If you decide on a gift basket, you can choose to display the family’s favorite fruits, veggies and snacks. This is something that can help get them through the first few days in their new home when unpacking food isn’t something they are going to want to rush to do. They’ll appreciate the extra fuel and the fact that a part of you is in their new space with them.


Make Those Walls One of a Kind

Decorating walls can be a bit on the tricky side, but this is where wall stickers come into play. What makes them so great is that you can mix and match and move them around whenever you please. They come in a wide range of themes, some with inspirational words, others that are perfect for specific occasions. We think it would be really cute if the people you are purchasing for are a married couple. Maybe you could have a wall decal that is custom made with their names included. That would be something they would not soon forget.


Practical Items are a Must

Especially if your friend is moving into a home that is much larger than the one they were in before, they are probably going to be desperate for certain household items. Remember, housewarming gifts do not have to be fancy; they can be practical as well. Maybe they are in need of some more kitchen utensils or tools. A toolset is something that every family needs and having more than one is never going to hurt. Finding out what types of items they may absolutely need is going to mean your gift is not only going to warm their hearts but also become a big part of their lives.


Bring Cooking to Life

A gift that just isn’t given as often as it used to be is a cookbook. What’s so great about a cookbook is that there are so many different types these days. If your friend is vegan, vegetarian or loves them some meat, there is going to be something perfect for them. A cookbook is something that is generally passed down generation to generation so this is the type of gift that is going to keep on giving. When you stop by for a visit, you may even get to test out some of the dishes and experirnece the greatness that your purchases provided for the whole family.


That Very First Dinner

Gifts don’t always have to be objects, either. Since moving is time consuming and is bound to work up an appetite, why not help by making the new homeowners their very first dinner? See what their all-time favorite dishes are and incorporate them into a single meal. Make enough and you may even be able to feed your family with the meal as well. Not having to worry about what to eat that very first day in the new place is going to help out volumes. This is a gift that definitely will not be forgotten!


Charging in Style

Outlets, especially in older homes are just out of date. This is why a great gift may be a few new outlets around the home. Help pay for the installation of outlets that can link right up to USB. This will make for much quicker phone charging times and leave space for other appliances to be plugged in all at the same time. This sort of simplicity is going to make their new home feel like a luxurious hotel.


Creating New Life

A really fun gift for someone who has just moved into a new place is a plant. It is really exciting for new homeowners to watch something grow right along with their house. As the years go by, they can take photos of the little ones by the tree or plant you bought and see just how much the time is changing. This is a beautiful and unique touch that is difficult to top. It really is a gift that keeps on giving.


Purchase with Your Heart

No matter what you decide to bring to the table, front door or yard, do it with love. Your friends aren’t going to care about the monetary value or how extravagant the gift. They are going to appreciate something that they know you put time and thought into tracking down. They will enjoy having you be a major part of the moving experience and have a piece of you with them along every step of their new journey.

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